Marcus Johnson, the Good Vampire

 I always follow the rules. That's what they're there for. You always have to follow them, especially if they're ancient. But these rules are more than ancient. They were put into action when the cave-men ate anything and the cave-women did all of the cleaning and cooking. I, of course, mean the time of the Neanderthals- not now-a-days, although they are both alike.

 I always abide by them. I've never harmed a human, nor have I done anything that could potentially harm a human being. I've never hypnotised any human beings to make them 'do my bidding' as it states in the new rules. They get renewed every century, but they're always the same rules. But, most importantly, I've never exposed the existence of Vampires to man. That, you could die for doing. And I don't want to die. Again.

 But, there are some vampires that never abide by two of those rules. They always hurt humans, normally directly, and they do that by hypnotising them. But no-one, no-one, not even the baddies tell a soul about our existence.

 Most of the Vampires in the world are one of those vampires that never follow those two rules. I am not one of them. I, in fact, am one of the people that want to get rid of them. A good vampire, if you will.

 You see, most of the bad vampires decided that their life wasn't good enough; that they wanted more. And more, to them, was the entire world. And they succeeded in gaining that. No humans know it, but most of the big leaders of the world are now evil, horrible, sadistic vampires. but, there is one hope. Us. I've put together a large group of good vampires- vampires that have no horrible ambitions. They want to live in harmony with the humans, not above them in the hierarchy.  We're fighting against the evil. But we've still lots to do.

The End

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