The New World


I was the first child born on the new world. The first human to really call the new world, Fantasia VI, home. Fantasia is quite a bit like earth, or so my parents tell me. They tell me it is nicer here though. The forests are so much thicker, lusher, full of strange and beautiful wild life. Thy say the air here is so much nicer, cleaner, fresher. They say the water here is so sweet and pure compared to the dull taste of water from earth. 

I grew up in the lush scarlet meadows of Fantasia, with the hulking purple mountains towering behind our little settlement. The tall trees with their thick, mossy bark and huge, blue, purple, pink and green leaves just feet away. 

I often wonder what Earth is really like. The world my parents, the pioneers, chose to leave behind and travel for years in suspended animation to get away from. The world my mother chose to bring me into. She was three months pregnant when she left Earth, and then she, and I inside her, travelled for 12 years in suspended animation. To think, if I had stayed on Earth, I would be 28, not 16... How different would life really be if I lived on Earth instead of Fantasia.. 

There would be others my age, for one, instead of just adults, children and babies. I would have friends, maybe even boyfriends... But still, I loved Fantasia, its sights, its sounds, its three magnificent suns and eight moons. I heard that on Earth, there was but one sun and one moon, the grass was green and the sky blue instead of the firey orange of Fantasia. 

I couldn't imagine a world any different to Fantasia.. 

The End

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