The New World

It's year 2045, and the world has been taken over by vampires. They rule the entire planet, and there's only one thing in their way. The army of good vampires. They are the resistance to the horrible, greedy idiots that have taken over the world, and are slowly killing all of the humans.
But those humans know nothing of this. The only people that know about the vampires are the Queen, the Prime Minister, and all of the other major leaders of the country. But they're all vampires too.

Rule I

 Never harm a human- directly or indirectly. This could result in death, and the offender will be killed.

Rule II

 Never use your powers against a human to do your bidding. They have their own free will, and even that's limited. We need to keep their hope alive.

Rule III

 Never, ever, tell anyone about the existence of our kind. No human can know, no matter how much you may want to tell them. Never say anything.

The End

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