I came back to my room today and the state I had left it in was atrocious. Out of the pile of clothes and computer eqiupment I noticed a new life form flounting about. I went to touch it as it was so pretty but it spat red fluid in my eye and the stinging that ensued told me the fluid was chilli sauce that I had left by my bed for far too long.

I think the creature was angry at the mess and dark it had been born into. I tried to apologise but was memorised by it's beauty. The Haritullechilbo was born from a starry white tulle I had bought to make a frankistein dress later on this week which was now once again a pipe dream. The dummy shaped haribo that I had left on the chair had become enchantingly playful eyes on this wonderous creature. The cola bottles, tiny delicate fingers and feet and she had a purple lizard for her mouth. This surprised me as these were my favourites and I hadn't known I'd left any uneaten. Thankfully she couldn't read minds or I would probably have more chilli in my face as penance.

I finsihed my apology and opened the secret passage way to Utopia and watched her float and swirl her way into the bright new world. She seemed happier and her fizzy-cherry tail seemed to wave goodbye.

The End

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