Grand Cuckoopockiwatchister

Like sands I cannot hold from their pull of gravity, so my Grand Cuckoopockiwatchister measures all the moments of my life that will never be again.  Relentless, heartless, merciless is the nature of her ways.  Forever ticking away as she counts down my remaining breaths.

Fed by descending weights and coiled springs, my Grand Cuckoopockiwatchister lives on to pull and push me from one thing to the next.  "Leave me be, Grand Cuckoopockiwatchister, let me sleep just one more hour, let me dally in this moment for just awhile."  But no, she must be tirelessly moving on.  And when I resist, she chimes the bell that tolls for me, she wimpers on my wrist, and from time to time, she mocks me with her avian call.

"My Grand Cuckoopockiwatchister, why did I ever bring you home?"

The End

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