The silvery sheen of my newborn lampugtadisper caught my eye this morning as she reared her brightly lit head up over the puddle of coffee dregs she had left behind as one of her products of birth.  She jumped off the table, making a ripping sound as she scuttled across the floor, trailing sticky tape behind her, and lovingly wrapping it around my legs.

I picked her up by her porcelain handle, grateful that there were other mugs available for me to have my morning cup of tea, but careful not to scrape my fingers on her serrated metal mouth.

"Oh, lovely lampugtadisper!," I cried,  "What beauty there is in your 20 watt  halogen bulb.  It lights your spinning wheely face and sparkles off your painted floral pattern."  She winked at me, twice, with a couple of clicks, and spun her face, emitting another four inches of sticky tape.

I have parcels to wrap, but who needs a tape dispenser anyway.  I looked forward to settling down to read by her twinkling smile tonight.

The End

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