The New Utopia!

A dream founded by Parkovic and LilDragon.
Come share in our vision of a future where the twin evils of animal extinction and wastage of natural resources are thwarted with the practice of one simple founding notion:

We shall make new animals from the things we have to hand.
And we shall name them.
Oh yes.

People! Join with us in our verdant Utopia - and bring your perverted creations that they may find acceptance here.


Welcome one and all to the dawning of a new age!

You have entered a world entirely populated by new and wonderous creatures created from hitherto sad and forgotten objects given life and a new identity through the miracle of splicing...






Comprised of half a pound of Brie, a linen facecloth and seven paperclips, Brinleclops enjoys scuttling in shady undergrowth and is best served with a good Shiraz.

More suited to cooler climes, he does tend to whiff a bit if caught in the sun and, although keen to have a go, has no real flair for contemporary dance.

Do not be fooled by his pale, crusty appearance. Deep down Brinleclops is a big softie and just loves attention!

The mature Brinleclops can grow to anything up to five times as big as you might expect and can often be heard in the shower.



                                        ...but who will be Brinleclops' first playmate?



The End

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