The New StartMature

Chapter 1: The Grand March

I stacked box on top of box for what seemed like an eternity. I bent over for another box and felt my back burning in pain from lifting too many already. A drop of sweat slowly ran down my face. I ran over to the nearest fan and stuck my face in front of it. All of a sudden I jumped as a gentle touch appeared on my shoulder. I turned around and saw my dad.

“We’re almost done packing the truck,” He said. “We should be taking off in about an hour. Is that enough time for your few last good byes?”

I silently bobbed my head forward, giving him the “yes I agree nod”. Then my voice cracked out of my mouth. “How long is the car ride?” I asked.

“About an hour and half to two hours, it really depends on how fast you drive.”

I got up from sitting in front of the fan and walked out of the house through the fuzzy carpet and exiting through the front door. I had an hour until I left this town for good. Who did I want to spend my last minutes with? My ex best friend Leigh or my recently broken up boy friend Dylan? Choices like these killed my life.

I decided to look through my phone until the contact Dylan Curry popped up. I hit my send button right away. It rang about five times, but the phone buzzed and went straight to voice mail. This was very frustrating. I decided to hit recall and the same thing kept happening over and over again. Finally the last time I called him, he picked up. “

What do you want?” he asked in a slurred voice.. My heart instantly fell.

This wasn’t the person who I just talked to yesterday who said he was going to miss me and such. I was talking to a new Dylan Curry.

“I wanted to hang out before I leave,” I said sadly. I doubted that he even knew who he was talking to. “Get me some more Bre.” he shouted in the back ground. “I have to call you back in a little bit.” he said through the phone. “Now bye.”He hung up.

I got so frustrated that I threw my phone down onto the pavement of our driveway. Hot tears spilled down my face like a cascading waterfall.. I left my phone outside and ran back inside, up the stairs, and into my old bedroom. I sat in an empty corner and pulled my knees up to my chest. There I cried for a long while. After about an hour of crying my dad came into the room and knelt down in front of me, putting a hand comfortingly on my shoulder..

“Honey.” my dad said. “We’re about to leave, so will you sit in the front seat with me?”

“Yes.” I said.

Those words stung my head like a super hard pounding heart beat. This made getting up off the floor and everything much more painful. I dragged myself to the giant moving truck. Slowly open the door and shut it enough so that I didn’t have to use hardly any energy. He started up the truck and we headed out on road trip.

That’s when I finally thought that I was on a grand march for something better. At least….That’s what I hoped.

The End

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