Fights With The Dumb BlondeMature

Walking into school the next day was horrible. Everyone noticed me climb out of the bus with Matt, with his arm wrapped around my waist. He got a few shouts such as "whey man, nice going. on a school night!" and several wolf whistles. He just rolled his eyes and walked on, dragging me with him. At one point, Angela (remember the dumb blonde?) walked over and put her hands on her waist, sticking her boobs out so they looked bigger.

"MATT! What the hell? You were mean to meet me last night. I was waiting at the cinema alone for like an hour!"

"Erm..Angela? What are you talking about? I was never going to the cinema with you..."

He pushed her aside and kept walking until he reached the school doors. He leaned in and pecked my cheek, then waved and walked off to talk to his mates who looked over at us curiously. I scoped around for anyone to talk to, couldn't see anyone, and made my way to registration.

I sat down feeling kind of lonered. Matt had just sorta walked off and i'd been left hanging. Oh well, atleast this place is quiet. I put on my headphones and started listening to my music. Before long, i heard the door of the classroom opening and shutting again. I thought nothing of it until i felt a sharp slap hit my cheek. I looked up and saw Angela staring at he with wild eyes.

"WHAT THE HELL BITCH?!" I yelled, loud enough for any passing teachers to hear.

"YOU SLEPT WITH MY FREAKING BOYFRIEND YOU COW!" was the response I got back which was accompanied by another slap.

"Erm..Angela? He's not your boyfriend. And I didn't sleep with him."

"EURGH! He IS my boyfriend. Whatever. Just watch your back you cow."


She turned and looked at me with disgust whilst i giggled away to myself. However as she left doubts crossed my mind. Matt had never mentioned whether he was single or not and Angela seemed pretty sure they were dating. I vowed to talk to Matt about this the first chance i got.

The End

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