Staying At MattsMature

"Come on baby, be my bad boyfriend" I sang along jokingly, biting my lip.
He didn't wait a second longer, pressing his lips to mine urgently. My lips moulded with his and for a minute it was bliss. Then we heard the door open and we jumped apart, trying not to look guilty. I heard Matt sigh, and I didn't dare turn round to face whoever just walked in as i could tell my cheeks were burning.
"Matt, Mum and Dad wont be home for a couple of days, they're stuck at the airport that's had to cancel all flights for atleast 48 hours" said a vaguely familiar voice. I slowly turned round, curiousity got the better of me.
I gasped inwardly as I saw Robbie looking back and me with an awkward smile on his face.
"Huh. 'Lil bro, if you're gunna have your little girlfriends in our house gunna take them to your room? I might actually want to use this room."
"erm..we're not- i'm not, i mean..." I trailed off, obviously embarassed.
"Fine, Jeeez man, we're going." Matt grabbed my hand and pulled me upstairs to his bedroom.

His room was awsome. It was just cream with black furniture. It looked amazing, but very sophisticated. It didn't seem to suit him and yet it was exactly like him at the same time. The contrast of the cream and black was like the contrast between his different characters.

He pulled me onto his bed  and into a cuddle. Music was already playing in his room, a band which appealed to the metal side of my music taste. Iron Maiden blasted through the surround sound (in his bedroom!) and i grinned.
"Nice taste in music you've got there."
Matt didn't answer, pulling me in for a kiss slightly more urgent and passionate than earlier. I guess it helped that we were on a bed and had more space to move. His hands moved up and down my body and i put my hands on his back and pulled him in closer. He began kissing my neck, feeling me relax and hearing my breathing get heavier. I pulled his face back up to meet mine and then turned so that i was on top. i gently brushed my lips with his but as soon as i felt him pucker his lips i ran my mouth down across his cheek, breathing heavily. When I got to his neck i gently nibbled his neck, grinning when I saw his reaction.

By this point, we were oblivious to the world around us. However when we heard a door slam somewhere in reality, we seperated. A slightly awkward silence followed. I suggested we go back down to the music room and chill for a while. Matt agreed instantly and we spent the next hour or two singing and playing guitar.

Robbie came in once or twice to offer us drinks, but when he came in to ask if we wanted pizza I realised I should be getting home. At the same time i realised that I had no way of getting home. Matt may have a nice house but he lives in the middle of no-where.

I phoned my mum and told her our predicament. She asked to talk to Matt.
" go down this road, then theres a red sign, and then....I really have no idea Mrs Walker. I've never had to direct anyone to my house, my parents always drive me."

I clearly wasn't getting home that night. At least I had a spare change of clothes as I had P.E. in the afternoon. Matt and Robbie apologised over and over again to me and my mum. There was a guest room on the first floor which I would be sleeping in, and I could get picked up by their bus in the morning. However, I didn't have any of my work for school. Mum said she'd phone the school and tell them our problem in the morning so there would be no repercussions for me.

After wolfing down some margarita pizza, i was STARVING!, Matt and I went to his room and sat watching films on his TV. Ater about 3 films I was getting tired. I stifled a yawn but Matt noticed.
"Come here sleepyhead" he said, extending his arms for my to cuddle up.
I didn't need to be told twice and snuggled in. It took me a while to get to sleep, mainly because I was too busy enjoying the experience of being so close to Matt for such a long time. However, lack of sleep took over and I fell asleep, content in his arms.

The End

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