Beautiful DuetMature

"So yeah, keen for coming round? We could have a jam, it would be fun" Matt smiled at me.
I didn't hesitate for a moment, "Sure! Sounds great. How will i get to your house though?"
"Oh you can just come on my bus, the bus driver never checks our passes anyway."

Matt and I had just been casually talking about our hobbies at lunch and I accidentally let slip that i sing and play bass. He seemed really interested and suggested we have an acoustic jam at his house later (he plays guitar). We could just chill and I could sing along to his guitar playing.

I have to say my motives for agreeing were not completely based on the fact I missed singing infront of an audience. Of course, that was a major part but it did also have to do with the fact that spending time alone with Matt looked extremely promising for me.

I figured I should let Mum know i wouldn't be home 'till late. I texted her and got an immediate reply.
"Ok hun, how you getting home?"
I asked Matt and he said I could get a lift from one of his parents. This seemed to satisfy my Mum and she stopped asking questions.

The bell rang and we all hustled inside to our afternoon classes.

After school :

I waited outside the main doors for Matt to emerge. My stomach had butterflies in. I wasn't sure what to expect.
He saw me waiting and waved me over to where he was standing.
"Hey babe, sorry my bus isn't here yet so we're stuck outside until it arrives!"
"No problem," I smiled.

We waited for about ten minutes and it eventually arrived. We clambered on, rushing to get a seat. Matt grabbed a free double and we squeezed in together, our bags getting shoved in the aisle as there was no room between our knees and the seats infront. Matt put his arm around my shoulder and i hugged in, warming up after being outside in the freezing cold for a while.

When we arrived at his house, I was in awe. My house is a coverted cottage. It's cute but quite small and doesn't look that great. This house was MASSIVE. And it was gorgeous. It looked so expensive.

"Wow you're house is amazing!" I told him.
He smiled modestly and said thankyou.

We walked into the house, and inside was just as expensive looking and beautiful as outside. He grabbed us two diet cokes and pulled me into a box room. He told me it was soundproofed. It had two guitars, an acoustic and electric, an amplifier, a surround sound system and a massive, comfy-looking sofa. I stood awkwardly until he impatiently told me to sit down. I sat at the edge of the sofa and sank right into it, it was like it was made of the comfyest foam ever!

He handed me his I-pod and told me to find a song i liked. I picked an acoustic song called Bubbly by Colbie Caillat. I closed my eyes and smiled. I began singing along and Matt joined in with his guitar. At the end of the song, I hadn't even realised until that moment, but Matt had turned off the recording so it had just been us. It sounded amazing.

When the song ended, he put his guitar back on its stand and came and sat next to me. He had put the music back on and Bad Boyfriend by Garbage had come on. It was quite a contrast to the song before and the atomsphere in the room changed considerably. I looked over at Matt and he slid his hands around my waist, pulling me in towards him. Our breathing deepened as we stared into each others eyes.

The End

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