Mentally ScarredMature

Have you ever had a dream where everything was so realistic that you woke up with false memories? Perhaps slightly out of breath or your heart racing. I get that a lot. Almost every night I wake up out of breath, my head spinning feeling exactly as I did that day.

I remember the school bus pulling up in my village, and I was rushing to get all my stuff together as I had taken out a book to read for the journey as well as my Ipod and a few other things. I remember seeing a large-ish group of girls standing just metres away from the bus and wondering who they were waiting on. I galnced around to see if any of their mates were on the bus but as more and more people filed out the bus, it became clear they were waiting on me.

I had no idea why they were waiting on me and my heart started racing. My palms started sweating as i shakily moved towards the front of the bus. I knew these girls weren't friendly to anyone except their own clique so i was slightly worried aswell as intriuged.

I slowly clambered down the steps onto the pavement. At which point the bus abruptly departed. I started on my way home, but could hear the click of their stilletto heels on the concrete. I didn't turn around until the last minute and got a punch straight on my nose. I gasped in pain as i reached out to grab the hands of whoever punched me. There was shrieks and several girls pulled me to the floor by my hair and one or two began slamming my head against the concrete.

As almost 10 crazed females scratched kicked and punched me, i curled into a ball, crying. Knowing i couldnt escape them. In the end several locals at the pub opppite the bus stop came over and dragged the girls off me.  I remember being so numb with pain that i could barely focus my vision on anything.

One of the girls spat on me as she got pulled away and shouted,
"Next time your dad fails me on a test, you'll get more than punched bitch."

A couple of mothers who were on their way home from picking up their children from nursery came running over and tryed to help me up, but i was in too much pain. They had broken my nose, smashed my head open and broken my left wrist. Blood was running off the pavement onto the floor. Luckily someone had called 999 as soon as they saw what was happening so an ambulance arrived moments later and I recovered almost fully. My nose is slightly squint and i have a scar on the back of my head, but my wrist is absolutely fine now except slight twinges whenever i try to play badminton.

The police got involved and 6 of the girls involved were persecuted. But that doesn't even begin to change the mental effects their attack had on me. I'm haunted with that image almost every night. It doesn't get better or seem less realistic. I know many people get beaten up or attacked daily but i never expected it to happen to me. All because of some spiteful girl getting a fail in my dads class. I knew then i had to leave because that would not be the end of it.

My confidence was shattered, I was left with permanent scars and I had to leave my friends and my passion for music behind to start a new life. I wonder if i'll ever be able to fully trust anyone again, and whether i'll be able to walk down the street without always checking over my shoulder.

The End

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