Lectures and RevisionMature

This time when Matt and I entered Mrs. Harrow's classroom we weren't greeted with her calculating and patronising eyes, but the glare of our headteacher. He didn't look impressed and we rushed into the classroom, 4 minutes late, out of breath and struggling to settle down.

"Now that all have you have decided to join us, albeit in an unsuitable manner, i would like to discuss with you the subject of your exams coming up next month."

The whole class, including me, groaned. We were trying to forget about exams, me in particular as having moved schools has disrupted my schoolswork considerably.

For the next 40 minutes, Mr Davies gave us a lecture about studying, making a revision timetable and the way to getting the best grades. It had to have been the most boring and pointless lecture i've ever had. As if i didn't know that i needed to revise for exams. And i didn't need someone to tell me how to do it! I also didn't need any more pressure than i was getting for home. I didn't need some stuffy old teacher telling me how much these exams will affect my future thankyou very much!

I have my own little way of revising. To start with, i put on calm acoustic guitar instrumental songs. Then, I take each subject and make study notes. These are basically notes of every topic covered in a relevant class. After this, i study the notes and do examples if i need to. So really, I didn't need some teacher telling me how to do it.

My last class was P.E. a.k.a. HELL. i'm not an unfit person, I just hate school sports. But luckily, the teachers were off so we just got to muck around and play dodgeball (which i happen to love).

When  I was walking out of the school door and the end of the day, I noticed the guy from the bus, Robbie, strolling along. I smiled shyly and waved at him but he abruptly looked away and sped his pace up. Ouch. That's a bit harsh... i was only being friendly.

When i got home i ran in the shower. The school showers curtains are all falling off, and even if they weren't we weren't given enough time at the end of class to get a shower. So i fail to see the point in them....
After a long and relaxing shower, i towel dryed my hair, shoved on some baggy jeans and a vest top, and booted up my computer.

I logged into MSN and checked to see who was online. Bryan wasn't...yet. But i knew he sometimes stayed after school for band practise and stuff. I used to be in a band. I really miss performing and playing bass guitar. I haven't really picked it up since i moved a few weeks ago. I was the frontman (or woman) for an alternative band. I sang and played bass, and i enjoyed evrey minute of every rehearsal, show etc. But i had to give it all up to move here. It really get's me sometimes, just how much a small amount of people affected my life in a negative way.

Bryan wasn't on, but a few of my other mates from my old school were, so i started talking to them. We talked for a while, catching up on any news and gossip, but i wasn't particularly close to them and the conversation soon died. Then i remembered that Pete and Matt had given me their MSN addresses so i searched in my bag for a minute or so and surfaced holding a scrap of paper with two hotmail addresses scribbled in red marker.

As soon as i added them to my contacts list, Pete popped up in a conversation asking me how my day was. I grinned cheesily because i finally felt like i was starting to fit in and build a new life.

I logged off MSN after a while, but quickly checked my emails and several of my social networking sites such as Formsrping Dailybooth and Facebook, before getting called through for supper by my mum.

Supper, dinner, tea, whatever you want to call your evening meal has always been a family time for us. Whether formally at the dinner table or lounging on the sofa, we generally all eat together. It's a time to catch up, make small talk and just connect with the parents i would probably have forgotten about otherwise.

After this i decided to revise. I know it sounds geeky, but I really had to pass these exams with flying colours. When at least one of your parents is a teacher, an incredible amount of pressure is put on you to succeed, and a lot of punishment is given out when you don't. I decided to start with Chemistry. I got together all the booklets we had covered so far and stuck on some soothing music. I then settled in for a night of boredom.

Luckily Bryan phoned me half an hour into my studying and i took an hour long break to natter on the phone to him. I listened to ridiculous anecdotes of things which had happened at school today, which had to be made up! And he told me he's starting to get feelings for this girl, who was one of my casual friends back home. I told him she was really nice, and to just go for it ask ask her. He's really shy though so I don't think he will. I told him about Matt kissing me, which i had almost forgotten about if i'm honest! At this point he seemed to get really protective, which he always gets whenever theres a chance i could get hurt. I assured him that Matt was a nice guy and that it was probably just a one off. Then i told him about Robbie, and he seemed really casual about it, saying i was probably getting on his nerves and to leave him alone. HMMF. nice best friend i have. i do love him though so i agreed with him, said goodbye and hung up.
Back to the revising i guess, i sighed.

The End

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