Unexpected KissMature

Matt & I stumbled into P.S.E. giggling our heads off. Mrs. Harrow, our guidance teacher, told us to sit down and be quiet as she started the lesson. P.S.E. isn't an actual subject, more of a time to reflect on certain aspects of school and teenage life. Topics such as Sex Education, Bullying and Exam Preperation were often dicussed here. It was also a chance to talk to your guidance teacher privately about any personal issues you felt you needed to get off your chest. That is, of course, if you trusted them.

I have never trusted teachers, never saw them as someone to go crying to in the middle of a crisis: school related or otherwise. They always seem too patronising and most of them are so old they can't even remember what it was like to be a teenager. I figured this teacher would be exactly the same. I was wrong. She was worse.

She spoke to the class as if we were a bunch of five-year-olds. She underestimated us constantly and was genuinely surprised when anyone showed any sign of being intelligent. The rest of the class were clearly used to her attitude towards them but it greatly irritated me. However, I stuck the class out until the bell rang for lunch, and I bolted it out of there. I waited outside the door for Matt to walk out, then we walked into town to get food.

Pete had a doctors appointment for the rest of the day, and the other guys were all hanging around with some smoker girls they thought were hot. So Matt and I were on our own. It felt slightly awkward at first, we weren't quite sure what to say. Any conversation over the past couple of days had been started in a group situation, and we were slightly shy around each other in the quiet of the street. We hurriedly walked into town to get in the queue's before the major lunch rush. However, we weren't quite quick enough and still had to wait about ten minutes to get served.

After I had bought chips&cheese and Matt had bought a mince pie and chips, we started on the road back to school. Matt decided to show me a shortcut through some housing estates, and we ended up outside the school grounds in less than five minutes. I smiled and turned to Matt.
"So, what do we do now...?"

Matt pulled me over to a picnic bench in a wasteland field that no-one walked in. The place was deserted and peaceful. We sat in silence and ate our food. When we had finished, Matt turned to me and said,
"Okay, let's play questions!"
I wasn't sure what that game was, but Matt explained.
"It's like... a game to get to know each other better. You take it in turns to ask a question, and you must answer truthfully."

Well, I thought, i don't have a better idea.

We got through the formaility of idiotic questions such as "what's your favourite colour?" and "blondes or brunettes?" (To which Matt answered "Brunettes of course!") and got onto the silly questions such as:
"If you had to repopoluate the planet with one of two girls, would you chose the obese pretty-faced girl or the ugly girl with the amazing body?".

Then we got onto more personal questions.
"How many boyfriends have you had?"
"How far have you gone with a girl?"
These types of questions continued for several minutes before Matt turned to face me.
"Okay, I have a question. Can I kiss you?"

I was taken aback, and struggled to think of a reply. However, I didn't need to because he didn't wait for one. He just kissed me. Softly and sweetly.
Just as he kissed me, we heard the far away school bell ring. I pulled away.
"Crap! we'd better run or Mrs. Harrow will kill us!"
We legged it back to school.

The End

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