Rude RobbieMature

"What the-?"
I looked over at the clock.
Oh crap.
i have approximately fifteen minutes to get ready for school. great.

I ran around frantically, at least i didn't have any schoolwork to find as it was only my second day and i had all different classes today. I shoved my pencilcase and a hairbrush into my bag. I ran to the shower, had the quickest shower in history and shoved on the same clothes as I wore yesterday. My hair got put in rough plaits on either side of my head, as i quickly blow dried my hair. I grabbed my eyeliner and a pocket mirror or my way out the door.
"Bye mam, love you!"
I ran the whole way to the bus stop, and arrived just as the yellow school bus was pulling away from the side of the road. I ran up to the door and banged on the glass. Luckily the bus driver noticed me and promptly put on the brakes.

Red-cheeked, out of breath and embarassed, I stumbled up the steps onto the bus. I searched for an empty seat and there appeared to be none. However, after a more thorough search, I located a seat about 5 seats from the front. The person sitting next to the spare seat had put his bag on it, and when he noticed me standing looking at him, he reluctantly shifted his bag. By this point, the bus had shuddered to life and was making its way along the country roads.

I pulled out my eyeliner and pocket mirror and attempted to apply my make-up. I don't wear a lot of make-up but i almost always wear eyeliner, because i think it makes my eyes look prettyer.The guy sitting in the seat next to me kept giving me funny looks and i swear i saw him hiding a giggle when i almost stabbed myself in the eye with my eye pencil.

Once i had successfully applied my eye make-up, i turned to the guy next to me and said;
"So, aren't you gunna say hello?" i made my best pouty face and failed miserably.
He started laughing at my expression and said hello. I asked him what his name was and he said Robbie. After a minutes silence, i turned back to him and said jokingly,
"For god's sake do I have to make all the effort? I'm Sarah. You're not very talkative are you?"
He glanced in my direction, nodded then stuck in his headphones. Hmmf. He's polite.

I took a minute to study him. I never even really looked at him before, I was more getting over having almost missed the bus. He had Blondy/Fair hair which was sort of long and came down across his face in a short side fringe. He was quite skinny and from what i could tell from sitting down, he was quite tall. He looked slightly older than me, although i was not sure by how much. Perhaps 16 or 17 years old. I could hear the music coming from his headphones it was turned up that loud. He was listening to one of my favourite songs, Bat Country by Avenged Sevenfold. I smiled and whispered the lyrics to myself. He must have heard me, although i have no idea how he could over that din, and quickly turned his music down. Jeez. What did I ever do to him?

As the school bus pulled into the bus bays at school, I saw Pete and Matt standing talking. I was unsure whether to approach them as I think they were only being friendly yesterday, plus I was shy. So I walked right passed them. However Matt noticed me and called me back. I sighed a sigh of relief that i wouldn't be standing alone until the bell rang for registration.

The End

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