Dumb Blondes, Angry Teachers and Cute Guys.Mature

Their eyes followed me as i walked down the hallway to my registration class. At reception they had given me a map of the school (which is pointless because i'm rubbish at maps) and also a timetable of my classes. Today I had Maths, Graphics, Geography and Music. Quite a good first day. Most people despise Maths but i'm cool with it.

I get to registration and the teacher introduces me and sits me next to a guy sitting alone. She asks him to take me to my next class because weirdly enough we have all the same classes. He smiles shyly and says "sure". He introduces himself as Pete. I'm pleased that he seems friendly enough, I always worry no-one will like me.

Remember when i said there were only two people i truley cared about, well one is my mother, the other is my best mate Bryan. Bryan is one of those guys that isn't only interested in being "overly friendly" with girls. He doesn't just see them as something to drool over then dump, he see's them as people. That's one of the reasons we get on so great. There has never been any romantic involvement with our friendship, never will be. Even if we had any feelings for each other we wouldn't dare act on it because it would ruin our friendship. Bryan is 5ft9, has dirty blonde hair and quite sturdy figure. He's strong (he can lift me over his shoulders) and a lot of girls seem to find him attractive, although I can't see it myself. But he means the world to me and I would be lost without him. I worry about how I'm going to cope without him, considering I now live about two hours away from him and neither of us are old enough to drive, but we'll figure something out.

So we get to Maths just before the second bell rang and Pete introduces me to the maths teacher then sits down at his seat. I smile thanks at him then turn to face my new maths teacher...from hell.

"My name is Mrs Watt, you will do as you're told, you will NOT interrupt me and you will get on with your work. You have joined us in the middle of a term and you have much to catch up on. I will be giving you extra homework assignments and expect them done to a specific deadline. Clear?" she barked at me.

"Erm...Mrs Watt? I did do maths at my other school y'know and I'm not stupid. I know I'll have to catch up but I did the same course at my other school..." I stumbled, afraid to cause a scene.

"Be QUIET! Sit next to Angela and get on with page 56 of this workbook" She thrusts a green workbook at me and points at and empty seat next to a blonde girl who looks like a complete bimbo, you could see her roots though so itwas clear she just wished she was.

"Jeez man chill..." I mutter under my breath and i saunter over to the seat and slide my schoolbag underneath the desk. I could tell this was one teacher I wasn't going to get on with.

Then was break. Pete kindly said I could come with him as I clearly had no-one else. I was very grateful and tryed to be as inconspicuous as possible. However his friends thought different.

"Woah man, who'd you pick up this time? She's not from around here!" one of his mates exclaimed whilst I blushed and shuffled my feet on the ground.

"Aww shut up Tom, leave her alone" Pete punched Tom playfully and turned to face me.

"Sarah, this is Tom," He points to a rather tall guy with black hair and a nice body. He's quite goodlooking but obviously knows it, and he was wearing black trackies and a red shirt but he had a black jumper over the top. "And this is Matt," He now points at a slightly shorter brunette walking our way. He was wearing skate jeans, a red baggy shirt, black tie tied loose around his neck. On his feet were red and black checkered Vans. He was incredibly cute...hmm....i might enjoy this school more than I thought I would. We all chatted for a while, the guys seemedreally interested in me and why I moved schools at such a wierd time. I didn't give them a proper answer. During the break a few more guys joined us and i got introduced to them one by one. They all seemed pretty decent and friendly enough.

After break, Pete walked me to Graphics where he said we were working on drawing and designing a CD case. It didn't sound that interesting but I didn't comment, my passion was architechture and if I wanted to become an architecht then i needed a Graphics qualification.

I got the same catch-up lecture from Mr Geddes but in a much nicer, jokey way. He had seen my folio from my other school and was confident I would work well with the projects the class were doing. He told me to work on Inventor, a computer program, for this lesson as the other pupils were just finishing their CD cases and he saw no point in me starting it. It was quite an enjoyable lesson and I was rather sad when the bell went.

Geography went smoothly, Mrs Dee the teacher sat me next to Pete when she realised he was the only one I knew and the class is really fun and interesting.

At lunch I went home dinners, I didn't want to make Pete uncomfortable by expecting to hang around with him all the time. When I got back to school Pete ran over and said the bell had already rung and we had better hurry.

Music was very interesting.Mr Bell was the only teacher to introduce me to the whole class, and I kept my head down the whole time not daring to look at any of my fellow pupils. However when he told me he was sorry but there was only one spare seat and it was next to "Mr Matt Robson who i'm afraid is rather quiet and not very sociable" my head snapped up. Matt, not sociable? He was talking fine before at break. Whatever. I shrugged the comment off and walked to the desk beside Matt. I smiled slightly then turned to face the board. Today we were doing theory which involved watching a few music videos; one of GreenDay's older stuff, one of the Buzzcocks and the other of Rancid. Apparently the new topic was Punk. Awsome...I like almost all music but punk is one of my favourites. I sat there singing along to all the words and drumming my fingers on the table. Matt shot me an amused look and passed me a note.

"Woah you know the words to these songs? Awsome, no-one else inthis school has a clue. All they listen to is Pop and Dance! You heard the new Green Day album? It's a bunch of crap isn't it? -Matt x"

I smiled and replyed:

"Yeah too right! They've changed so much i refuse to listen to anything but their old stuff :P Aww you're joking, I was kinda hoping this school would be different from my last...so far seems about the same. -Sazz x"

We spent the rest of the lesson commenting on the school clones and the music videos we were watching. After we had watched the videos we had to write about them and about the changes between old punk and new punk. All in all it was great, I love music.

"MUMMMMM I'm home!" I shriek as i walk in the front door.

"I'm in the kitchen Honey" she replys.

I walk into the kitchen to see my mum baking a cake for my little brothers birthday party this weekend. Mmmm...smells good. My mams chocolate chip cake is legendary.

She asks about my day and we talk for a while. I tell her how friendly Pete is and how great my classes are. We laugh over Mrs Watt and then I go upstairs and do my homework. It takes me about two hours! The teachers gave me sooo much catch up work it sucks.

I wonder whether to phone Bryan or not. It is just past 10pm and I don't want to wake his little sister who is bound to be sleeping by now. Just as i'm torn between phoning him and telling him about my day and how much I miss him, or texting him a simple "Hey doin great hows school?" My mobile phone starts buzzing on my bed. I reach over and grab it, knowing full well it's Bryan on the other end.

"AHHH BRYAN I MISS YOU SO MUCH!! Everyone here is like clones! Except for a few guys I've started to hang about with and the teachers! My maths teacher is so horrible seriously it sucks and i have sooo much catch-up work! Any chance you could come help me with it? Haha yeah I wish, damn i'm rambling. How was your day? Miss me?"

We talked for about half an hour then I started yawning and Bryan insisted I go to bed right away. I grumbled but gave in eventually, saying goodnight then hanging up. I pull on a baggy tee and some guys boxers, run downstairs to say goodnight to Mum and Dad, brush my teeth then climb into bed.

I stretch out smiling. Today was eventful, wonder what tomorrow will be like?

I fall asleep with my head full of thoughts of Matt...

The End

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