The New Girl At SchoolMature

Meet Sarah Walker. Fifteen, brunette, slim and just over 5ft. Smart but quiet and begin with. Plays bass guitar and sings.....Meet the New Girl at school.

First day at a new school, bummer. I thought moving would be easy enough, I hated where we last lived and the school was torture - totally cliche. I'm hoping this school is different, with some decent guys and some great teachers.

We decided we had to move, the school where i went was the school my Dad taught at and I wasn't regarded that highly with the other teenagers. Basically, I got beaten up, pretty bad. I spent several days of my Summer holidays in hospital and during that time my family started searching for a new neighbourhood.

I never thought I was the sort of girl to end up in a situation like that. I'm pretty strong, mentally and physically, and I was never unpopular. Just different. I didn't change myself for anyone and I looked how i wanted to look, wore what i wanted to wear. When everyone was wearing miniskirts and curling their hair, i was happy in a pair of combats and black vest top. Which doesn't mean to say i didn't try to look good, or had no self-respect, i just wore what i was comfortable in. I had confidence, something I lost after the attack, and I wasn't scared to stand out, voice my opinions.

I've had boyfriends before but i'm not one of those incredibly pretty girls who has guys falling at her feet, i'm just plain and if you like me then great, if you don't : go away. I wont try and make you like me, frankly I don't care...however there are two people I care greatly about.

My mother. She's like my best friend. She's always there for me and gives great advice. She helps me pick out clothes and advises me on my make-up. She's truthful and tells me if i'm wearing something which doesn't look good on me or i'm wearing too much make-up. She's cool about me sleeping at guys houses, which is just as well as most of my mates are guys,and she likes the same style of clothes as me, so if I need to borrow a pair of skinnys or some shoes, then i've got a whole other wardrobe to choose from.

So I haven't created a story as to why I'm changing schools middle of the term, but I'll think of something to tell people, or just not talk to them at all. Yeah! That's it, I can be the geeky new girl no-one talks to. Suit's me fine, leaves them no reason to jump me because I wont give them a reason.

I have a quick shower, straighten my hair (I'm not blessed with beautiful curls, just a wavy mop which doesn't look great natural) and do my makeup - relatively thick black eyeliner and some white eyeshadow. Time to get dressed.

This school has a uniform, for which I am grateful. My last school had a "dress code" which was extremely confusing and although it allowed you to be individual, you were never sure what you were going to be let off with and could wear thhe same outfit two days in a row, get off with it fine the first day but have a teacher who thinks it's unnacceptable the next day and therefor find yourself in lunchtime detention. Which doesn't go down great with parents as you might imagine.

The school uniform is quite nice actually, black and red. Which sounds competely unimaginable, as everyone thinks of school uniform as pukey green or navy blue, but this was way better. It also had shape and didn't make you look ridiculous. Black above-the-knee skirt and a red shirt, with a black tie (optionable, but preferred) and a black blazer with a red stripe down one side. Pretty cool huh? Black heels were allowed as long as the heels were no larger than 3 inches. The guys uniform was just as great. Red shirt and black tie again, with black jeans or trousers. Black skate shoes were acceptable. The girls were also allowed to wear black trousers of some form if they chose to.

I decided today i wasn't feeling confident enough to let the guys at my new school see my legs so opted for black skinnys, a red fitted shirt with a black vest top underneath, so the shirt didn't have to be fully buttoned, and the black tie because i think ties look great. I put on my black Vans which have a red Vans logo on the side so I was co-ordinated. I looked at myself critically in the full-length mirror in my bedroom. I sighed, and walked out the door shouting "Bye!" to my Mum as i went.

The End

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