God would have put your eyes on your chest if you were supossed to look at me that wayMature

My next two classes were very uneventful and boring that I was glad when it was recess time. I followed the general crowd as they headed for the cafeteria. At least this was something I could relate to. Whilst school always failed me, food never disappointed me.

"I gather by that bored-ass expression on your face you’re coming from History?" I looked to my right to see Sid walking next to me.

"You got that right," I said wondering whether or not to tell her about my bathroom encounter with Brittany.

"Well I might just have the thing for you to loosen up with," she said as we joined the queue. I reall really hated this. If it was at my old shool I wouldn’t have to stnd in line for food Iwas going to pay for as I was getting it for free. But I guess the fact that tuition at Brookeville didn’t include meals made all the difference.

"What?" I asked curiously.

"There’s a football match today and the guys will probably win. We always have a celebratory party afterwards," she said and I smirked. Typical teenagers then, always looking for an excuse to get plastered. I bit my lip in contemplation, I wanted to go but I knew there was no way my mom was gonna bite.

"We could also ditch after lunch lessons and get the dresses," Sid suggested enthusiastically.

"I can’t," I said sadly and felt my heart dying, yep I liked getting shitfaced and grinding with strangers that much; don’t judge.

Sid’s face fell.

"But I thought you were cool, you’re not one of those goody-goodies are you?" she asked with a scrunched face.

I immediately burst out laughing. Me? Goody-goody? That was the most hilarious thing I’d ever heard.

"Fuck no, I have community service," I explained. That was the best thing my dad’s crappy shit lawyers could pull to keep me out of juvie. Stupid morons getting fat on money they didn’t work for.

"Damn juvie? You’re that badass?" She laughed with a sort-of impressed expression that let me know the words were not meant as an insult. I shrugged my shoulders not knowing what to say. I had never thought of myself as badass. Misunderstood maybe but definitely not badass.

"Oh. How many hours?"

"Two a day."

"So after five you’re free?" she asked.

I shrugged again, "More or less."

"Then you can come for the party. It starts at 8 and I really think you should come, there’s someone I want to introduce you to."

And that sealed the deal. My mum could give me all the hell she wanted but then I’ve never been really known for doing what I’m told to do. The line moved until it was our turn to get food. I scrunched my face in disgust at the things in trays.

"Is this actually meant for human consumption?" I asked turning back to Sid who was heaping her plate with squishy wiggly things looking very eager when I was doing my best to hold down my sick.

She laughed at my expression which I imagine she found humorous.

"Monday is Chinese," she explained and that mde everything clear, only that race could come up with such disgusting unimaginables and call the food.

"What happened to good ol’ burgers and chips?" I grumbled as I put the slimy things onto my plate ignoring that they looked like they wanted to jump right out. Sid sontinued laughing at me and I flipped her as I walked to the cashier. He was a fat old man with a bad case of hairloss.

His eyes nearly popped as they took in my cleavage. I picked some green thing on my plate that I couldn’t decide if it was a vegetabe or meat and threw it at his forehead. It hit on aim with a sikly smack and slid down his face leaving a green trail. He immediately unglued his eyes from my girls, his face almost going ablaze from shame for being caught red-handed.

"I’m sure God will have put your eyes on your chest if you were supposed to look at me that way," I said to him.

"I-I I’m so sorrrry, I d-didn’t mean to," he stammered.

I smiled and he even managed to look more terrified.

"I’m sure you didn’t. You can take care of our bill as compensation," I paused, "unless of course you want the principal to hear you’ve been perving on his darling new student?"

The man looked absolutely horrified and shook his head vigorously. Sid beside me was laughing to the point of tears streaming down her cheeks.

"Good, then I guess we have a deal."

With another smile I turned grabbing Sid’s arm and dragging her away from the hyperventilating pervert. I joined in her laughter when we had moved a few feet away from the counter.

"His face! Did you see his face?" I laughed.

"He looked like he was gonna pass out any second. Damn gal, you’re good," Sid said still tring to control her laughter and the tears. We arrived at a table filled with people, most I’ve seen in my classes. I was relieved that Sid didn’t sit with the Barbies. I don’t think I could swallow my food whilst staring at Brittany’s face.

"Eew Sid, why does your face look lke an Indian going out for war?" A scrawny guy asked looking a Sid like she was one of the disgusting things on my plate. Sure her make-up had run but it wasn’t that bad. I was grateful my make-up didn’t rn or I’d be giving Queen Bee more armour againstme. I had insulted her make-up meaning mine had to look not leess than perfet.

"It’s not my fault man, blame her she’s batshit crazy and Kyle if you don’t want to buy the whole table drinks you better do your eyebanging on someone else," Sid said to a blonde haired guy a we sat. He had cute dimples and even better eye when he smirked at me taking a break from his shameless ogling.

"I was hoping she was one of those take-a-pic-it’ll-last-longer chicks cause then I definitely would," he said and I liked his directness.

"I bet you would. Anyway guys this is Jordan," Sid said.

"Oh yeah, we’re definitely drowning," Kyle said continued to check me out. I rolled my eyes at his lame line.

"Jordan this is Mark," she said pointing to the scrawny guy who stunk of geekness. "And that is Jessie and Beth," she said pointing to the other two girls on the table.

"And I am your future boyfriend," said a new voice. I looked up to see a muscular dark-haired guy with tattoos and piercing sitting down next to me.

"Really, where did you get your eyebrows plucked?" I asked taking a dig at his masculinity making everyone t the table laugh.

"My eyebrows are not plucked!" He bristled; his face scarlet.

"Sure they’re not."

"And that is Jason," Sid finished her introductions.

"Nice to meet you boyfriend," I smiled giving him a friendly kiss on the cheek to heal his bruised ego.

"How come he gets a kiss?" Kyle grumbled. I rolled my eyes at him and I turned my attention to my plate. I scrunched my nose as I sunk my fork in some brown fleshy thing on my plate. It jumped and I threw my fork on the table with a noisy clatter.

"You full already?" Kyle asked hopefully eyeing my plate.

"No, that thing just jumped at me!" I half-screamed and the whole table laughed at me.

Was it even legal for the school to serve alive things to students? I wouldn’t put it past that old butthead at the counter though.

"Jordan are you suggesting that your squid is alive?" Sid asked in a tone my Dad used on me when I was three. I glared at her at pushed away the plate full of abominations to taste buds.

"Very funny," I said sarcastically.

"Actually it is Jordan. Technically that food has undergone a lot of temperature stress during it’s cooking for it to remain alive," Mark said as if I cared about his stupid technicalities.

"Are you gonna have that?" Kyle who had already wiped his plate asked. I glared at him for even suggesting the very idea. I pushed the plate at him and he grinned. I picked an apple from his plate.

"Hey!" He complained.

"Nothing’s for free," I told him and inspected his apple. I inspected it critically. It looked innocent enough but I knew enough about teenage boys to know all the places their hands touched.

"Come on, it’s clean," he said.

"I think I’ll make sure," I said and stood up to go wash it but bumped into Brian the moment I turned around.

"Damn, you trying to give me a concussion or what?" I said.

"Some one is in a bad mood."

"You got no idea, this is a shitty school," I said walking to the sink, leaving him to follow.

"First day not going well then?" He asked standing beside me as I washed the apple.

"I have plotted about a hundred ways to murder someone. Is that answer enough for you?" I asked. He laughed and lifted my mood a thousand times higher. No wonder Brittany didn’t want my claws in Brian, he was damn gorgeous.

"I was going to ask you to seat with us," he said pointing to the central table where the jocks and Barbies were seated telling stupid jokes and laughing obnoxiously. Brittany was looking at me with a murderous glare.

"Thanks but I think I prefer to be alive," I said my eyes on Brittany. He followed my gaze and wnced.

"We’re not together you know, her and I," he explained. My female pride was happy but then it bothered me that he felt like he had to defend himself to me. I really did not want to lead him on. I couldn’t see any future beyond us banging and fucking each other’s brains out. I wasn’t a relationship type of a girl.

"Trust me I don’t care," I said turning around to walk back to my table.

"So what are you doing after school?"

"Working at the local library," I said.


"Don’t judge, it’s community service."

"I’ll see you at the party then?"

"Maybe," I shrugged and sat down. He stared at me for a second as if deciding what to do with me before shaking his head and walking away with an amused smile.

"I heard he’s good in bed and all but are you sure you want to deal with Brittany’s shit?" Sid asked.

"We’ll see," I said not giving anything away. Recess was over soon and we went back for lessons or should I say more torture? My English teacher gave me hell about my exposed bra and I ended up spending the remainder of the period wandering the hallways. After school I got a cab to the local memorial library.

The End

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