Homeroom teachers and incomplete outfitsMature

 I ignored her shocked gasps as I walked into the hallway filled with students. They all parted for me as I walked through. I had not expected the attention but basked in it. I sent a lil thank you to my bra, always faithful. Guys’ eyes looked like they were gonna pop out as they checked me out and girls looked like they wanted to murder me right there and then with their tampons, nothing new there.

One guy grew some balls as I reached the middle of the hallway and walked up to me. He had blonde hair and blue eyes. He was gorgeous but looked a bit preppy, not my usual type. He was athletic though and I could deal with that.

“If I hear one more pick-up line today I’ll murder someone,” I warned him before he ruined his chances. He laughed, gosh the dimples.

“I was actually gonna walk you to class but now that you mention it, did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” He wiggled his eyebrows and I could tell he was joking. We laughed together and the ice was broken.

“Seriously though you guys need to sit down and come up with new lines,” I said.

“I’ll make sure I pass on the message to the brotherhood but they probably won’t believe me if I don’t have the name of the sender,” he said and I smiled, he was good.

“Is this your subtle way of asking for my name?” I called him out.

“Guilty,” he surrendered holding up his hands in the universal gesture.

“Jordan. You’re lucky I like you. Lemme guess, you’re a Brian right?” I asked as we turned around a corner.

“How did you-,” he gasped shocked looking at me like I had grown boobs on my forehead.

“Come on, it’d have been hard to be wrong, you have the whole jock look going on. Do you know where I can find my homeroom? Mrs Gorange’s classroom?” I asked him.

“That’s where I’m headed, come on.”

I let him lead me around the school to my homeroom.

“Do you guys always stare this much?” I asked as I felt a lot of eyes digging potholes in my back. Now I’m not an insecure person but this was just borderline rude. Didn’t they have anything in their miserable little lives to get to?

“Nah, I think you’ve just set a new fashion trend,” he smirked, his gaze going to my red bra to show just what he was saying. I laughed; I guess my outfit was not as common in small towns as it was back at home.

“You think they would pull it off?” I joked, chuckling with him. Some outfits were more about the personality than the size. This one demanded a tonne of attitude to go with it and it was no secret I had that in abundance.

“No way. How did you even get past the secretary?” he asked clearly not knowing just what this girl was capable of.

“You don’t wanna know,” I assured him. When we got to my homeroom, it was already filling. Wolf whistles erupted as soon as I stepped through the door.

“Ignore them,” Brian whispered sounding annoyed. It was funny how he thought he could protect me; I didn’t wear clothes without knowing their full consequences. But I let him play knight in shining armour if that helped him sleep better at night. I scanned the room, the setup not that different from your usual stereotypical high school classroom. The invisible social lines separated the jocks, emos, geeks, nerds and cheerleaders. Brian took my hand leading me to the back of the room and I resisted the urge to shake him off, I didn’t want to embarrass him. He was a hot guy and all and couldn’t be accused of cramping my style but when I got to a new place I preferred not to latch myself to one person. I liked to test the waters on my own, I didn’t like being limited.

“Good morning little bunnies,” a jovial voice louder than the rest got my attention as a woman busted through the room, Mrs Gorange I assumed. “I heard we have a new bunny this term. Jordan where are you?”

Oh you gotta be kidding me. Please tell me she’s gonna ask me to do the whole introduction in front of the class thing. I looked down away from her not wanting to be spotted.

“Don’t say a word,” I warned Brian who was struggling not to laugh at my horrified face. He better take my threat seriously cause I wasn’t joking, if he so much as said a word I wouldn’t resist shoving that rubber so far down his throat that he’d really have something to choke on.

“Jordan?” I had been so busy in my quest to stay invisible that I had missed Mrs Gorange’s movement until she was in front of me.

“Sorry, must have zoned out,” I lied and elbowed Brian when he snorted from beside me.

“It’s okay to be nervous darling; I remember when I was new. Must be why you forgot to put on your top today,” she said and the whole class burst out laughing.

“Why are you all laughing at the poor girl? Don’t worry I’m sure they’ll find you something in lost and found.”

I decided not to correct her and tell her my outfit was as complete as it would ever get. At least my apparent ‘nervousness’ was enough to save me from the mortification of introducing myself. Mrs Gorange thought I had already had enough.

The End

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