Wacky guys with wackier pick-up linesMature

I decided my mom had been overreacting about the whole being late thing ‘cause a lot of students were still walking through the huge ominous gates. I wondered if Brook would be like my previous schools. It didn’t take long for my question to be answered.

“Are you from Tennessee ‘cause you’re the only ten I see,” said a throaty voice next to my ear. I rolled my eyes, some things never changed; even wacky guys with even wackier lines. I didn’t really see why they bothered with overused pick-up lines; you wanna bang someone then just come out and say it. It would save everybody’s time if those horny dumbasses were straightforward.

“If I said you have a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?” the wackojob walking next to me continued after I ignored him.

He was seriously asking for it. I had hoped he could take a hint but clearly I had overestimated his IQ which was probably less than his age. I considered kneeing him in the balls but I didn’t usually bring out the big guns unless absolutely necessary.

“If I said I wanted to check out your ass would you turn around and walk away?” I returned drily. He gave me a sour look and turned and walked away to go and nurse his seriously wounded man-ego. Good. That should teach him a thing or two about recycling lines with me.

The reception wasn’t hard to find, what with all the signs littering the school. What did they think this was? A school for the mentally slow and optically challenged?

I eyed the woman who sat behind the reception desk cautiously. Her face spoke of someone in her mid thirties and aging gracefully but you could never have guessed it by looking at the clothes that looked like they came from a low budget fifties movie. And what was it with the whole carrot look? There was a difference between a tan and looking like a pack of Doritos. Einstein glasses perched on her nose that was too large for her face. A surgeon could have a field day trying to make that thing look slightly human.

I cleared my throat to get her attention from the book she was buried in. Beady eyes shot up above the cartoonish glasses to me and widened at my choice of clothes, seriously pissing me off.

“Those are very inappropriate clothes,” she began but I cut her off.

“I’m here to get my schedule. Believe me, if I wanted fashion advice you’d be the last person on my list.”

If possible her eyes widened further.

“How dare-,” she began but I ignored her and took that moment to turn around her laptop. I quickly found my schedule and took a picture of it with my iphone.

“Why, you disrespectful little twat!”

“Twat?” I laughed at her choice of words as I turned to walk away.

“You’ll still need a map,” she said and I could tell the triumphant smile on her face without even looking. As if I could care less.

“You’re right,” I decided and ripped one off the wall instead of going to collect one from her. I ignored her shocked gasps as I walked into the hallway filled with students.


Author's Note

Hi everyone, thanks for reading. I really appreciate it and would appreciate it more if anyone favourite or commented so that I'd know what you think.

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The End

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