Hot boys in elevators and howling ovariesMature

I almost cursed when the elevator opened along the way but stopped myself as I saw it’s new passenger. To say my ovaries did a happy dance would be a blatant lie, they howled, wailed, drooled and leaped twenty fit into the air. If I was going to be meeting illegally hot guys every morning in the elevator every morning then Seattle might not be so bad. I mean it; this guy was the staff teenage fantasies were made of.

He has jet black hair and exotic green eyes that were seriously messing with my mind right then. He was wearing black skinnies and a black T –shirt that was clinging to his muscles and doing a good job of overworking my poor heart right to the point of near cardiac arrest.

“You must be new,” he said in a voice that gelled with his panty dropping looks. It took me a moment to break free of the spell that was his looks and find my voice.


Now I knew I was in the presence of a hot guy and should probably be saying more than that but it seemed my mind decided to take a self-proclaimed vacation a few moments ago leaving ne to cope on my own. Before I could make a move though a woman with four children entered the elevator after him, obliterating any chance I might have had of getting hot and personal with Mr Seriously-good-looking. Not to worry though, the elevator ride will be over soon.

The elevator stopped again, letting in a short brunette girl who annihilated any plans I had concerning  McGorgeous when she hugged him and he kissed her cheek.

“I shouldn’t even be hugging you, I waited all night for you to call yesterday,” she whined and I developed a cannibalistic hatred for all brunettes in that moment. I tuned out their conversation after that by turning up my volume. The intolerably long elevator ride eventually ended and I hightailed it out of there before I got sick from watching those two.

Outside I hailed a cab and ignored the way the driver’s eyes kept on straying to my boobs in the mirror. I should have probably zipped up my hoodie all the way before I ended up as sauce between the balled up metal that would be his car if we crashed. We arrived at Brookville in five minutes though. I was glad it was a short ride, the next day I would walk. Fresh air always did me wonders.

“How much?” I asked him digging for my wallet in my sling bag.

“Ten bucks,” he replied not even ashamed of his own words.

“Are you nuts? That wasn’t even five minutes!” I exclaimed. Now my daddy might have been rich and yadda-yadda but that didn’t mean I welcomed daylight robbery.

“Well we could always arrange other payments,” he wiggled his eyebrows; his eyes looking at my chest suggestively making me feel molested.

“Stop eye-fucking me you pervert. I’ll give you a five; you tell the cops I’ll tell them you made a pass at me. And just so you know, it’s nine months till my eighteenth birthday,” I said with a sickeningly sweet smile as I tossed the bill at him. Stupid pervert. Just how stupid did he think I was?

I walked into the gates of Brookville with my head held high. I wondered for a moment if I was normal, few people welcomed being the new girl with as much fervour as I did. But come on, this was my thirteenth high school; the novelty tends to wear off after the fifth. My father had decided he had had enough of my delinquent ways though and chucked me out of his precious mansion.

The End

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