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It became apparent over the next week that she was not just a pretty face, as they say; she was an absolute wizard at math’s and physics, she pointed out several problems in the teachers working out and saved us from all having to answer questions. Every time the teachers asked a question her hand went up, and every time he picked her, probably grateful that someone apart from him actually knew the answers. She knew almost as much as the History teacher when it came to ancient civilizations and may be new more about WWI and II, she spelled like a dictionary, picked up on the teacher’s grammar (but in such a way that the teacher smiled and thanked her). She could speak in-front of 140 people without batting an eyelid, and was fluent in Italian, French, Russian and Chinese.

“She’s almost fucking perfect” Jake said to me one day on the oval sitting in a circle.

“What do you mean?” said Grace to him, I think somewhat genuinely offended.

“Well, she isn’t as pretty as you is she honey?” He said to make amends… And maybe to get some head after school.

“No, I know what you mean; she is… Almost.” I said, nudging Em as I said ‘almost. She smiled. She was resting her head on my thigh while I was reclined on my elbows.

“What’s so good about her?” K asked. We all sat up and looked at him; I could see Bella was rather smug. I think he said it deliberately, because not the day before he had said to me:“Man, I wouldn’t think twice about making her scream in all 5 different languages.” Oh well, he had his ways I spose, though he would never cheat.

“Yeah, I think she may be to pretty. Ya know? Like, too perfect?” I said (This comment got me in the “good books” later that day). I actually agreed with myself too, she kind of was, but I mean, I probably wouldn’t think twice before taking K’s comment the previous day as Gospel.

“I get you totally” Said Em. To be honest I had fully expected at one of the girls to agree with me, but perhaps not my girlfriend, she was definitely the least “judgey” of us 6. And just as that thought left my head, us 6 became us 7 as the new girl walked over.

“Hey guys, I’m new here, I think we have some classes together but I don’t know any of you yet… I’m Abigale, Abbi” She said. From the tone of her voice she gave of the most innocent and naïve vibe and if you closed your eyes before you had ever seen her, you might have actually expected an 11 or 12 year old to be standing there next to you. But coupled with her eyes, hair and shapely hourglass figure she was a very powerful looking (And outstandingly beautiful) nearly seventeen year old lady.

“Here sit down” I said automatically as I got up and lay down behind my girlfriend but so she could rest her head on my stomach. (One thing I learned very quickly with my girlfriend: (and I assumed it was so with all girls) never sacrifice a female’s comfort/pleasure/happiness or view of something for your own, or you very quickly got fed to the sharks)

I did the whole introducing every one thing, told her the couples, although I think it was obvious. When I got back to her (I think it was just so I could hear her voice again) I asked

“So what brings you to the land of our fair Queen?”

“How did you know I wasn’t from here already” she asked shyly but flirtily.

“Your American accent gives you away… Sorry.” Said Grace before I could say anything.

“Oh, of course it does, well mum requested a transfer, apparently ‘there is only so much of being a Los Angeles business woman you can take’, I liked it there, but it’s much prettier out here.”

“Cool” Said Bella.

“So how long have you been in the country?” Piped in Jake, too keep her talking more than anything it think, her voice WAS simply alluring.

“Only two months. We moved here in March”. She replied in that magical voice she had.

The conversation continued until the bell rang for 3rd lesson, we all walked up together, to our bags, standing to the side as normal, avoiding the rush.

The End

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