The New GirlMature

As we left the lockers from putting our books back Jake yelled “Penises” and attempted to sack-whack me, I hit him in the arm just as Kahdens gut rumbled so loudly I could hear it from 2 meters away. We all looked at him.

“I skipped breakfast. Jeez you guys!” Was his excuse. He had an excuse for anything and everything; I think he may have had a slightly larger brain capacity than me, because when I say everything, I mean everything. If he forgot to feed the chooks in the morning it was “my alarm didn’t go off”. If he forgot to feed them at night it was “I went to bed early, it was a big day”. Fortunately for both the chooks and his hide, he always fed them at least once a day, even if the feeding times where somewhat sporadic.

As we walked into the cafeteria, the smell of plastic cheese and powdered mix ‘n’ heat potato overwhelmed my nostrils and I leant closer to Emma’s hair to mask the smell.

“So glad I bought my own lunch today”. Said Grace, the rest of us where stuck with the unbelievably cheap and bland cafeteria food.
And then something caught my eye.

As I saw her look at me, my heart nearly stopped. She had the deepest, brightest blue eyes, I had ever seen, not all washy and pale. Eww. But lush and they had such a power over me; I felt that if I looked to long into them, I would need a daily dose, like a drug. Her hair was the color of the evil night; it was so black it brought a new meaning to the word. Her hair was in extreme contrast with the palest, softest looking skin my eyes had ever had the pleasure of looking at, it wasn’t hidden behind make-up applied with a bread knife, or badly fake tanned just natural and beautiful. Her ears looked as though she had borrowed them from a pixie; they had a slight tip to them and her nose followed suit, it was small and also had a certain soft sharpness that drew me in. Her lips bore a slight sheen and they held a lovely, endearing smile. She wore a tight dark green tank-top that accentuated her breasts and showed off her stomach. To keep her midriff visible she wore a short leather jacket, obviously not for keeping the Autumn cold out, a ruffled green mini-skirt with sheer stockings and dainty small black shoes. She was also wearing a polished silver necklace, magical, almost shimmering. It caught my attention more than anything else (…Yes lads, even her tits). It was somewhat peculiar, as was the matching ring and bracelet she was also wearing. All three depicted two snakes, one with sapphire eyes, and another with ruby. Both devouring each other. I wondered at the meaning of these, the gemstone colours could mean good vs. bad, the shape referring to the circle of life, or did she just think it looked awesome, like me?


As I was taking in the new girl, her mystical eyes, sexy figure and curious jewelry I realized she was staring back… As I took her amazing beauty in, and the fact she was looking at me I couldn’t help but think to myself “You’re in.” My girlfriend awoke me from my captivation with a solid punch to the arm. I saw that I was like every other male in the room, allured and enchanted by her… Well to be honest... Overwhelming beauty.

I could tell that pretty much every other guy in the cafeteria would murder each other with their bare hands for a chance with her. They were all be wondering what she was wearing underneath her clothes, then they too woke up and had to admit the fact that they would have only a slight chance on the day Satan skated to work, so instead they merely hoped that she would give them a second glance, whether or not they had a girlfriend.

The End

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