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The Night Before


As the darkness of sleep slowly enveloped my mind I remembered that it wasn’t quite the time to embrace it, as i would of loved to. I forced myself awake and divided my eyelids; it probably wouldn’t be good to be late.

I skulled my Mother shots, relentlessly fighting off sleep until the caffeine kicked in, got dressed silently and snuck out the window to meet them. It was colder than it should be this time of year. There was no snow quite yet, though soon there would be as it was nearing the end of autumn. With a shiver I straddled the window and jumped onto the branch of my tree that was right outside my window, worn down to a soft surface, smoothed with the use of many, many nights.
I could already hear Emma's voice whispering in my ear, I could imagine my hands on the soft skin of her waist and I could see her beautiful eyes looking into mine. I imagined Jake and Grace physically restraining themselves from jumping on each other and having sex on the cement, whilst Kahden and Isabella; slightly reserved but none the less in love and I smiled as I remembered all the times we had met in the park in our all-blacks (not suspicious at all…) and ran en masse the 5 blocks to the beaten old house that was ours.

It had been condemned unsafe and a fire hazard. We didn’t really live in it, we just spent every second available to us there; on weekends, on weekdays till our parents called us to come home, at night time when we could sneak out and text to meet up. 
It was an absolute mansion it was 3 stories, plus a level below the wine cellar, we absolutely transformed that room which took almost 2 weeks, it was filthy. We had too break the rotten wine racks and disposed of them, then sweep the floor, dust and fill cracks in the walls and mainly roof, get rid of all the spiders and cobwebs in the ceiling. We fixed the door and miraculously fixed the wiring from the power grid. We had light, T.V/DVD/Xbox, Cd/radio and speakers, heater/cooler. It was, to put it simply, a home away from home. We laid down thick rugs, because the floor got unbearably cold in winter, beanbags, mattresses, sheets and pillows. We had everything, and lived half our lives in that room. It also held a lot of sentimental, personal and romantic memories for all of us; we had all lost our virginity in that room, we had all had a lot of conversations in which we grew to understand and respect each other more, we had all had D ‘n’ M’s with each other there, we had all cried in front of the others there, it was as much a part of us as our beating hearts and meant equally as much to each of us as the friendship the 6 of us shared. Without it, we would be nothing.
When we got jobs, we had made a pact that 25% of our money goes to renewing and renovating that place then eventually buying the land. That is how much we loved it.

After many memories of the smiles and times shared, and a 45 minute walk later, I was at the park, Kahden and Jake where their but none of the girls yet. They were usually late; they all lived in the same direction so they usually just took their time, gossiped, and did girl things on the way.

“Hey, you guys got a condom or two I can borrow?” Jake asked.
“Dude, fuck borrowing!! I don’t want it back, you can have one.” replied K joking, as he threw him one.
“I didn’t get time to go to the 7/11, I thought I was gonna be late. So much for me being late. Jeez they take their time”. He rolled his eyes. “And I know you guys are always prepared… thanks man.” He said as I threw him one more, raspberry flavored one. 
“You owe me an orgasm” I said jovially he laughed and promised with a wink that he’d pay me back sometime.

He put them in his pocket as the girls appeared from around the corner in their black skinnies and jackets, I could see them all release their hands from the pepper sprays in their jumper pockets. I puffed my chest out at the obvious fact that they felt safe around us, it wasn’t just Emma either, it felt nice that all three of them felt it.

We ran from shadow to shadow like total ninjas till we got to the house. Opened the newly oiled back door (it used to creak so loud that dogs would bark from 4 blocks away) and went, in pairs to our slice of heaven. I put in a USB with “accidentally downloaded movies” on it and we got our beanbags out, they were the awesomest beanbags; they wher like a multiple-orgasm sex session in a fluffy bag. The drink flowed freely and the hands wandered as we got slightly more drunk than I think we realized we were.

Movie time was a regular occurrence for us, as it was a good way to distract us from the fact that we were all making out so it was less like an orgy. All 3 couples knew the other 2 where playing around, and not really watching the movie that much, but none of us said anything. I think that was kind of part of the whole deal: I’ll stay shush if you do. About halfway through the 2nd movie, things started to get steamy. By the 3rd Bras where undone and zips unzipped. I can't even remember who turned off the lights, plugged the speakers in to another USB and “Mood Music” came on. It soon became a race who could last the longest before we gave into temptation. Me and Em made the first move, I picked her up, still kissing her soft lips, and moved toward our bed. (It wasn't like a sex dungeon down their, the beds where all separated by sheet-walls and no-one else was visible at all).The others were not far behind us. Afterwards I ended up face to face with Em. I touched her nose with mine then kissed her lips so lightly. Sometimes, and in cases like this, the less tong and force used the more romantic and intimate it is.
I whispered in her ear “I love you”.
“I love you too baby.” She smiled, and, for a while nothing was said we just looked into each other’s eyes. It was as if I could see into her soul. We bonded so closely I could almost feel her emotions and hear her thoughts as my own. I moved closer so our noses and forehead’s where touching. And we just stayed like that for maybe an hour or more. It was one of the closest times we had ever had and it was like nothing else. Eventually I moved my hand from her waist and stroked her face, I moved the hair behind her ear and before I had actually told myself to say it my love for her had whispered “marry me sweety, one day, after high school, marry me.”

I think she was somewhat surprised by it because, she is usually talkative and quick to reply but all she said was “I will. Baby, I love you so much. I never want to leave you.” She kissed me and turned herself around so my arms where on her waist then she fell asleep. She was so beautiful when she was like this, so serene and calm. So delicate. I almost took a photo of her. I stroked her cheek and neck till I too dozed off.  

I don’t know what time it was when Kahden turned on the lights but it was 4 when I got home. After what seemed like an eternity in her arms; a very prolonged and painful goodbye to Emma I went for a run on a “scenic rout” home. I would see her in another 4 hours but it didn’t matter. Goodbyes are always the worst part of anything and everything.

The End

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