ADAM's & EVE'sMature

"Are you afraid of the Devil?"

"But I am afraid of you"

"We're more than just a bunch of humans. We're no survivors, no "ordinary people". We're ADAM's, and EVE's." 

Since the Great War of 2013, almost all humans have gone extinct. There are roughly 2000 of them left, spread around the burning globe what was once our beautiful Earth. 

But 300 of them, are like me. They're ADAM's, and EVE's. We're the sworn protectors of The Apple, a machine capable of great things. Us, the guardians, are it's "minions". We're the only ones who can access it, or use it. We are obliged to lead our people - the human race - into the New Eden, and the Apple will be our instrument. 

Since our dear planet has been blown into the ground, the New Eden must be some sort of an underground city, or on the contrary of that; high up in the sky above the darkened polluted clouds. Nobody really knows. 

All that we dó know about The Apple, that is has been engraved with endless texts, describing our past, preset and future in every detail. The texts are written in an foreign language, we think, no-one can read them. The only two sentences ever translated were "pars pro toto" and "totum pro parte". Part for the whole, and whole for the part. We think that the New Eden is the total, and the Apple is the part. The "part" will lead us to the New Eden, but at the same time, the New Eden would not exist without the Apple, meaning it's the total of the part. 

This might seem all very confusing to you and please believe me when I say it was too me as well when I first heard about it. You'll learn the concept of our people, how the ADAM's and EVE's work, the New Eden and it's pathway from our destroyed world.

But for now we need to focus on more important things; surviving the aftermath of World War III. 

The End

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