The New Batgirl and Robin

After years of going it solo Batman has found himself once again with two new young sidekicks. Alexis Richards and her boyfriend Johnny Mattews have picked up the mantle of Batgirl and Robin and are trying their hardest to prove themselves worthy of the titles. But with Gotham's most sadistic physcopath, The Joker, out of Arkham this could prove to be to much for the young heroes, especially sixteen year old Alexis who find herself targeted by the Joker when she is both in costume and out.


           My name is Alexis Richards and I live in the metropolis they call Gotham City. When I was six my mother left me and ever since then I have been raised by my father, Gregory Richards. We live in a small two bedroom apartment a few blocks from Gotham City Police Department.

I guess since being so close to crime my entire life is why I have grown so attuned with it. I know what criminals think, how they feel, even what they desire. However, even with their influence I never aspired to join their ranks. I was always much more interested in the people who brought them to justice. Jim Gordon was always one of my favorites because he had a strong will and courageous heart. But there was always one man, one crime fighter who stood out from the rest.

He was Gotham’s Dark Knight.

He was Batman.

Of course when I met him I didn’t know that’s who he was.

It was little less than a year ago when my boyfriend, Johnny Mattews, and I were chosen for the most prestigious summer internship in all of Gotham. Only a select few were given the ‘honor’ as it was so called, to be Bruce Wayne’s assistants.

When most teens our age were given jobs as pizza delivery boys and fast food workers, we were filing papers and going on midday coffee runs for one of the world’s most affluent men.

But Johnny and I weren’t blind. Bruce would disappear once the sun went down, usually telling us to go home immediately and stay off the streets. One humid summer night, I followed Bruce to a secret room he had built within the walls of Wayne industries.

That’s when I found out he was Batman.

I told Johnny and led him to the secret room. Once inside we found the suits of Batgirl and Robin, the old protégées to the Dark Knight.

“Well what do we do now?” I asked Johnny who was gazing so longingly at the super hero garb.

“What do you think Alexis?!” He began, “We are meant to wear these suits! We can become two of the greatest sidekicks in all of Gotham!”

It was then when we heard the dark growl of the Batman. “No. You will not.”

To make a long story short, it took a little convincing, a bit of blackmail, and months of grueling training before he even considered us for the part.

  But now here I am. Dressed in my black and yellow Batsuit, my blonde hair cascading past my shoulders and blue eyes covered in black eye shadow, I run across rooftops with Batman and Robin at my side.


I am masked.

I am invincible.

I am finally who I was meant to be.

I am Batgirl.

The End

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