The Questionnaire

"Before you were uploaded, we had you fill out a questionnaire. This helps greatly speed up the questioning process." The woman looked back down at her clip board, scanning over the information.  

"From what I see here, your name is Cara. Would you like to keep this name? This whole experience is based off being whoever you want to be."

Cara felt confused. Being whoever you wanted to be? Wasn't the point of a dating program was to find someone who matched perfectly with who you already were? Why then would you want to pretend you were someone you weren't? That just sounded like setting yourself up for failure. Cara shook her head at the woman. She would keep her own name.

"Alright, Cara it is. You are nineteen with a years worth of college education.  You have no job because you're a full time student. You're 5 feet, 5 inches, decently healthy,  and in shape. You don't drink or smoke. You have never been married or have any children. You speech English fluently, with a touch of Spanish. Is all of this correct, or does anything need to be changed?" 

Cara shook her head again. She really did not want to change anything about her. Sure, she had traits about herself that she didn't like. However, she felt that if she was going to have the most success in this program, she needed to be herself.

"Alright, we just have some questions about your personality left."A screen appear in front of Cara. "Please fill out the following questions as truthfully as you want. Trust us. You're answers will be put to good use."

Cara sat up a little more and looked over the screen. There were many questions. Which of these words describe you the best? How would your best friends describe you? Which of these emotions have you felt in the last month? The list went on and on. Cara got to work, and after some time, she finally finish. Afterwards, she felt a little tired mentally because of her efforts to answer all the questions as truthfully as she could. When she finished, the screen disappeared and the women clapped her hands together.

"Excellent. Let us begin." She smiled sweetly at Cara as a door slowly opened behind her, letting a bright light into the room.

The End

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