Ch.1 (Part II) - The Chantry (5)Mature

“But…what hope do we have, then?”

The Tremere regent looked upwards. “The hope that, one day, God will allow us to be reunited with Him. If our wretched corpses cannot escape the miserable hex they carry because of our dark father’s depravity, let our souls be then rescued from damnation by the Lord’s power and mercy.”

“Amen, brother… I'm being serious this time.”

“I know you are, Daniel. Now excuse me, I must return to my regency’s affairs over this chantry.” Croix-de-Fer turned away and was about to start limping when he spoke again. “Remember, young one: use your blood; always with wisdom and discernment, but use it! Use the blessings of your curse!”

“I shall do as you say, Croix-de-Fe-”

“And one more thing: keep your eyes open when you leave the chantry. That pack did not attack you without reason. They may be mischievous, short-sighted mongrels, yet even Sabbat whelps know better than to fight a Tremere right before his clan’s home. Be aware, Daniel; they will come for you again.”

“I will, Croix-de-Fer. Thank you for the practice tonight.”

“My pleasure. Don’t forget to change that shirt before you leave. And take more ammunition with you; I sense you will likely need it.”

“Yes, yes, I will do as you say, my sire. Until dawn.” The neonate promptly left the elder’s presence and descended the helical staircase.

The bald, elegant elder vampire limped away, grumbling and moaning. “Kids these days, believing they have it ‘all figured out’… just wait until you awake in a God-forsaken Tzimisce dungeon, hanging from the ceiling by your own bowels," he murmured. "Then you shall pay heed to my words!”

The End

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