Ch.1 (Part II) - The Chantry (4)Mature

“So says the Sabbat, the self-styled ‘Sword of Caine’ and the sworn enemies of the Camarilla...” The neonate looked even more confused.

“And that is one of the few things Cainites, unlike many Kindred, seem to comprehend. The first murderer was punished for the envious slaying of his own brother: he became alienated from man, forced to quell his thirst for the blood of man, yet at the same time supernaturally superior to man, completely immune to the vulnerabilities and needs of man – a god among the race of man.”

“Right… and from where - or from whom - did you get this fairytale?”

“This is no fairytale, whelp!” Daniel jumped back at his sire’s voice, now at its most menacing volume. “This is my belief, derived from the Almighty’s Word and from Caine’s own writings! You may take it or you may leave it; but given that you lack the centuries of learning and understanding I possess, you have no right to call it a ‘fairytale!’”

“Alright, alright, take it easy!... So the Cain of the Bible is the father of all vampires; well, where is he now?”

“No one knows where Caine dwells since the Deluge. No one knows if he is even alive. But everyone knows that the time is at hand. Caine will come, and just like God the Father will deliver judgment on His sinful Creation, so will the first of the Kindred deliver judgment on his wicked progeny. So say the prophecies of Gehenna.”

“But the Sabbat seeks Caine’s apathy by slaying all other vampires. Will they be successful in appeasing him?”

“Most likely not,” the elder answered. “Caine’s purpose in annihilating us remains a mystery, but the dark father will not make distinctions between friend and foe. We are all bound by the blood, and the blood will be the doom of us all.”

The End

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