Ch.1 (Part II) - The Chantry (1)Mature

“I can’t believe what I’ve just heard… Daniel Giroux, asking a girl out?! This must be a sign of Gehenna!”

“Very funny…” the neonate said ironically. “Tonight is Friday’s karaoke night at the pub. No Kindred will be there - perfect place for you and I to hang out and discuss my interview, don’t you think?”

“If you say so, Daniel. But it better be worth my while! My sire won’t be happy with this…”

“Relax, Katy… it’s going to be fun, trust me!”

“What is going to be fun?!” A bald man in his mid-forties emerged from the staircase and right behind Daniel. His voice startled the young vampire, who nearly jumped from his spot.

“Our…our sparring session, Croix-de-Fer!” The neonate faced the bald man dressed in a tuxedo suit. “I didn’t forget our certamén!”

The bald man pointed his walking stick to the neonate. “That is exactly what I thought. But you know you are already late, do you not?”

Daniel sighed. “Aye, sir, I do…”

“Then why are you still standing here!?”

“I just-”

“Let us go, my irresponsible childe!” The bald man then looked at the young woman who remained seated there, enjoying this parental moment. “Katherine, don’t you have anything to do?”

“Not really, Croix-de-Fer.”

The bald man looked sternly into Katy’s vivid ochre eyes . “Are you sure?”

She, in return, stood up promptly. “Actually, I should check if everything’s in order… in my bedroom. Good luck, Daniel.” The two men stepped aside to let the young woman descend the stairs. 

“Now,” said the bald man to the neonate, “let us shed some blood!”

The End

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