Ch.1 (Part I) - The Chantry (4)Mature

The neonate came closer to Brad, who lay in a pool of his own ‘Cainite’ blood. Out of the four vampires whom that pack comprised, the leader was the only one who still held on to his undeath.

“I’m still waiting for that message, Sabbat dog,” said the young Tremere.

“The message… is that ya will-” Brad could not help coughing precious blood out of his mouth. “Ya will fail… sooner or later… the Sabbat will getcha… we won’t stop… until we’ve killed ya!”

“We shall see about that.” Once again, Daniel pulled the trigger. Brad dissolved in a beam of bright dust, just like his fellow pack members had. The neonate dipped two fingers on the blood pool and sucked it from his fingertips, fully assured that no one was watching him. “An antitribu… interesting,” Daniel said to himself. He walked to the front of 413 once again and opened the door with a flick of the wrist. The neonate entered the small lobby, filled with bookshelves containing famous literary works and compact encyclopedias. The lobby led to a narrow hallway with several rooms to its sides, but Daniel chose to ascend the spiral staircase connecting the lobby to the second floor.

The young Tremere now stood in a minuscule, old-fashioned living room, nicely decorated with antiquities and relics dating back to the Classical era. The walls were covered with a teal Victorian wallpaper - just like every wall on the inside of the building. The furniture was of rich quality: a leather sofa and two leather armchairs surrounding a polished mahogany coffee table. Nevertheless, it was not the room’s lavishness that caught Daniel’s attention.

“You’re back so soon,” said a young woman, younger than Daniel himself, sitting in one of the expensive armchairs. Her extremely light skin contrasted with her black straight hair, her dark outfit and, to some extent, betrayed her Asiatic features; that did not, by any chance, diminish her beauty though. Wearing a midnight green blazer with matching bell-bottoms and cream high heels matching her jewelry, she irradiated a natural charm that compelled a young man – even a vampire - like Daniel to just stop for a moment and admire her enchanting allure. “How did the interview go? Did you get the job?”

“In fact, it’s more like ‘the job got me.’” Daniel replied with a smile. Such was his way of answering cliché questions like those after having to deal with an angry pack of Sabbat vampires. “I can tell you all about it… if you come with me tonight.´”


“To the ‘Sheriff’s Tavern.’” Daniel still smiled. The young woman chuckled, oblivious to what Daniel had just proposed.

The End

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