Ch.1 (Part I) - The Chantry (3)Mature

“And since when does a message need sticks and knives to be delivered?”

“Since it includes a beatin’!” Everyone chuckled - even Daniel - at that kind of response. The ruffian did not, however, appreciate the neonate’s jovial reaction. “What are ya laughin’ at, moron?!”

“I’m laughing at the fact that you, a sad bunch of Sabbat newbies, believe you can actually beat me up.”

Everyone in the pack clenched their fists and gritted their teeth. “Leave this worm to me, Brad!” One of the pack members stepped forward, wobbling her knife. “I’ll cut him in pieces!”

“Why not? Go get him, Liz!” The pack leader stepped back, giving place to the young woman clad in black. Her arms and neck were covered by a plethora of disturbing tattoos; her green eyes shone among her dark make-up - a remnant of light in a dingy and erratic figure.

“Hey, ‘ma’am,’” Daniel said, “I’m sorry, but everyone has always told me that guys aren’t supposed to harm girls!”

The whole pack burst into laughter, including ‘Brad’ and ‘Liz.’ “Can you believe this idiot!?” The female vampire looked at her pack, unsure whether the neonate’s comment was fruit of sincerity, stupidity, or sarcasm. “I guess that makes ripping him apart much eas-”

A handful of muffled hisses interrupted her. She was not able to finish her sentence before disintegrating into a burst of yellow ashes.

“Good thing I don’t give a damn about what other people say,” said the neonate, holding a black handgun with a suppressor attached to it. He quickly blew the smoke diffused from the barrel before challenging his assailants. “Who’s next?”

The laughter ceased; all three charged at once, holding their improvised weapons ready to slay their target. Only ten yards separated the predators from the prey; more than enough distance for the young Tremere to draw a second pistol and halt two of the inexperienced goons with a flurry of bullets, just before he was forced to dodge a blow from Brad’s hockey stick. The enraged leader then attempted to hook Daniel’s legs with the stick, but the dexterous neonate avoided this with a jump. While in the air, Daniel was able to deliver three rounds on Brad’s head, stunning the pack leader. What happened next could very well be compared to a fighting scene from The Matrix, except the antagonist did not give much of a fight, as Daniel disarmed Brad with a kick and delivered a flurry of punches and kicks that knocked the hooligan cold. As Brad fell helplessly on the ground, however, his two companions charged the Tremere with renewed strength and hatred. Daniel barely escaped their first strikes, yet it did not take him long to seize an advantageous position and silently shoot down the two pack members, who also vanished in a burst of ashes.

The End

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