Ch.1 (Part I) - The Chantry (1)Mature

Daniel Giroux still reflected on the interview as he left his office. He went down the bricked building’s stairs thinking about this mysterious kinsman and his equally peculiar offer. Why did this vampire, an elder of Clan Tremere, beseech an inexperienced Kindred’s help, instead of seeking the aid of Toronto’s leading Tremere vampires? Why did he choose to rely in only one Tremere when he could have warned all the “warlocks,” or “usurpers,” as they are known among other Kindred? He had the right, if not the duty, to do so! Perhaps he wanted to keep this enormous threat to the Tremere from the clan’s knowledge, fearing a quite detrimental reproach from the Tremere High Council. Perhaps he wanted Daniel to get involved in order to incriminate him; after all, it would be the word of an elder Kindred against that of a mere neonate. Perhaps…


All those thoughts plagued the young vampire’s mind as he walked down Sherbourne Street. He glanced absently at the buildings on the other side of the street. The charm of nighttime Toronto could not distract Daniel from the uncanny investigation he had been tasked with. It was his first; it could very easily be his last. He certainly did not expect his first investigation to be a kind of “Mission Impossible” commissioned by a vampire - much less a vampire of his own clan, and even less an elder vampire of his own clan. Daniel’s incipient career as a private investigator had been planned to help mortals by using his disciplines - his “vampire powers” - to find truth where the limited human being could not… for the right price. The neonate could not, however, deny this sort of assistance to an elder member of his own clan. While other Kindred emphasize their ego and put their personal goals above all else, the Tremere acknowledge that the clan must come before the individual. Clan Tremere has held on to this principle since Tremere himself and the rest of its founders, mages from the now extinct House of Tremere, became vampires. Since the strictly organized clan had now its secrets in peril, Daniel had to embrace the call to arms, especially when issued by an elder of the clan - a vampire who has lived (or rather, survived) in the so called “world of darkness” for a long time, and who probably held great power, as well as a considerable reputation. Plus, the reward for the neonate’s success was too valuable to overlook; no money could ever purchase such precious knowledge from a Tremere, yet the elder was ready to hand it over to Daniel if that meant this tragedy could simply be swept under the rug! In the hands of a promising Tremere neonate, Simmons’ manuscript could provide its reader with abilities beyond those of the average Tremere apprentices and even those of some regents! With such abilities, Daniel could rise rapidly through the echelons of the clan’s power structure - or simply use his new skills to achieve his own personal goals – or, if the neonate was clever enough, both.

The End

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