Prologue - Interview Between Two Vampires (4)Mature

Simmons smiled at the young man’s naiveté. “You see, Daniel, I may be the Prince of Val-d’Or, but I am a foreigner here in Toronto. I’m outside my… jurisdiction. As a Prince, I cannot afford to incur the wrath of this city’s ‘hot shot.’ You, on the other hand, are a member of this city’s Kindred community, and you are longing to prove yourself and earn recognition in that community. This can be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for, Daniel!... And since you are a fellow Tremere, I will actually make you a worthy bargain: instead of the paltry sum of money I would reward you with, I will let you keep my thesis. Study it, learn its secrets, and become the finest Tremere this city has ever had!”

The proposition sounded like an hoax to the young man. “Is that so?”

“Why not? It seems that manuscript would be in far better hands than my own… if you are able to retrieve it!”

“Well… if you’re fine with that, then I’m fine with that too!” Daniel grinned from ear to ear. “Thank you for this opportunity, Mr Simmons… and for your generosity.” The two Tremere stood up and shook hands.

“It is I who thanks you,” replied the elder vampire, “and by the way, Daniel…”

“Yes, Mr. Simmons?”

“You are the neonate for this job. Bonne chancé.”

The door closed behind the elder visitor. Only Daniel stood in that humble office. He mused about this absurd investigation: of infiltrating the Sabbat headquarters, of retrieving that mystic book, of learning its secrets and increasing his own power!

“Yes,” Daniel told himself, “I’m the neonate for this job!”

The End

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