Prologue - Interview Between Two Vampires (3)Mature

The investigator’s eyes widened: “The Sabbat stole-”

“My thesis.” The vampire client crossed his leg as he spoke. “It seems that my ghoul abused the trust I had given him. He smuggled a manuscript written with ink and blood - my blood! I described thoroughly all I know of Thaumaturgy in it - all the paths, all the rituals - it is all there…”

The young man was totally flabbergasted. “You’re telling me… that the secrets of our clan’s unique discipline… they lie in the hands of Camarilla’s sworn enemies!?”

“Worry not, young Apprentice. They only have the secrets that I know.”

“Tell me, Mr. Simmons…” said the investigator as he stared incisively at his visitor, “what is your generation?”

The vampire sat straight and spoke with vanity: “I am a fifth generation Tremere, Monsieur Giroux, embraced in the late sixteenth century!”

“I guess we’re not talking about cheap tricks, then,” said Giroux as he jotted down on his smartphone a summary of what he thought relevant. He then fixed his eyes on the gallant Tremere elder, who seemed displeased by the usage of such an advanced tool. “Mr. Simmons, do you know where I can find this disloyal ghoul?”

The elder chuckled. “Monsieur Giroux-”

“You can call me Daniel.”

“As you wish… Daniel. You are a funny one, are you not?”

“You tell me.” Nothing in the young Tremere’s expression manifested any sense of humor.

“Well, I dare to say you are, Daniel, by asking such question! That wretch is probably dead in the bottom of Lake Ontario by this time! After all, that is how the Sabbat deals with everybody, is it not?”

“Aye, I suppose so.” Daniel jotted down some more notes before putting his phone back into his pocket. “One last question, Mr. Simmons. You have come all the way from Val-d’Or to Toronto, just to have an interview with a fellow Tremere of lesser rank - a neonate! - for his very first assignment as a simple private investigator. Why don’t you, the Prince of a city, a fifth generation elder Kindred, recover the manuscript yourself?”

The End

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