Prologue - Interview Between Two Vampires (2)Mature

The young man’s bright amber eyes, shrouded by the blue lenses of his aviator glasses, examined his bloodsucking visitor, as the latter sat in the armchair. Despite looking well past his fifties, the vampire displayed the alacrity of a youth, along with a faint trace of malevolence. “I must say I’m surprised to see that you are a Kindred, Mr. Peters… and especially, a fellow Tremere… is that right?”

The sinister vampire grinned. “Impressive, Monsieur Giroux. May I ask you how you reached such conclusions?”

“You may, Mr. Peters, though I’d appreciate if you’d let me be the one who asks the questions from this moment on.” The young man reclined his chair and proceeded to explain. “I was able to discern that you’re a Kindred by your aura’s faint color. Magic flows in your blood, as it does in mine - as it does in all of our clan.”

“You were able to see the magic itself?”

“Thaumaturgical Sight,” explained the young man. “A basic combination of two basic powers.”

Simmons laughed in his seat. “I must admit you have… perspicacity, Monsieur Giroux. Not that it surprises me; I knew I had trusted this matter to the right person.” The visitor was delighted. His fancy black suit gave him a look far more snob than he actually seemed to be, although he did look like someone with plenty of self-assurance.

The young man’s eyes remained fixed on the vampire. “Yes, about this ‘matter’… you told me on the phone you wanted me to ‘recover an artifact.’ What does this exactly entail, Mr. Simmons?”

“Do you really want to know, Monsieur Giroux?”

“That is my job as a private investigator, I believe.”

Oui, it is indeed… Monsieur Giroux, you should know that I am not just a fellow Tremere - I am the Prince of Val-d’Or’s domain, in Québec.”

“That explains the accent and the usage of French terms, I suppose.”

“And it hints that I wield a fair amount of power, also,” the vampire replied with an imposing posture. “So this is the situation, Monsieur: the Sabbat of Toronto stole my thesis.”

The End

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