In my sleep, dark disturbed dreams invaded my mind and drowned my thoughts. Black shapes, twisted figures swirled around in my head. Memories were coming back to me.

I was in a club. It was dark, despite the amount of flashing lights there were. I had only got in because I'd smiled and winked at the kind of cute bouncer working the door. The music thumped in my ears as I checked my phone again and searched for Mark. It was impossible, there was no way I was going to find him in here.

I SHOULD have taken the moment to stop and realise this was ridiculous, I was 16, halfway through my GCSE's, alone in a club searching for my drug-addicted boyfriend.

All I did was walk to the bar and order a cocktail I'd never heard of so at least I would look like I knew what I was doing. Sipping it, I considered going to the loos to ring Mark and find out why he wasn't here.

As if I had wished him there, I felt a tap on my shoulder. Grinning, I turned around quickly to see if it was who I thought it was.

'Hey, Lucy, It's me. Started drinking without me I see?' He remarked, smiling cheekily and putting his arm around me.

'Sorry, I was just looking for you.' I replied, checking my hair was in place.

'Let's go then.' He said, taking me into the crowd.

'Lucy. Lucy? Wake up. Lucy!' Someone was calling me and the dream slipped away. Damn it, I thought. I was remembering everything then.

My eyes opened, only to close again, the bright lights burning them after having a 3 hour rest. The brief flash of the room I got told me Dr. Weathers and a few nurses were standing over me.

'Leave me alone.' I moaned, turning over in bed. 'I want to sleep!' Silence. Curious as to why I had got my own way, I opened my eyes again, sheilding the light with my hand.

'Lucy, we need answers from you. Now. Have you remembered anything?' The cheery, smiley Doctor I knew had gone and an angry, grumpy old man had replaced him.

'Okay, okay. There was this guy. Mark. Mark Hunter. He joined my form and we went out.' They looked sceptical.

'So?' The doctor said, frowning and writing something down on his clipboard.

'So, he was addicted to drugs. We went to a club...' I concentrated, but the memory had gone. I swore to myself never to take drugs again.

'Ah, I see. I'll look into that. Nurse Reed will look after you till I'm back.' He whispered something to her, then swept out of the room.

Nurse Reed looked apologetically at me, then picked up a needle. Oh no, I thought. No more needles. No.

She moved closer.

I kept shaking my head.

She was still walking.


I screamed, and it went black.

The End

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