Walking to the execution.Mature

Doctor Weathers walked in, halfway through my lunch.

'Lucy! Glad to see you're eating. You wouldn't eat anything at all last night. Not even the medication!' He smiled, trying to make a joke, but I didn't smile back. I was in an awful mood.

'No smile? Okay...' He trailed off, and I almost felt sorry for him. Almost. 'Can you remember what happened last night, Lucy?' He asked, picking up his clipboard.

I already knew. Mark happened. My mind again wandered off..

I was walking. Quickly. Away from my friends. To the maths block, to meet Mark. I didn't know why, I think looking back I had just wanted a distraction from what had happened to John. Anything would have done, Mark just happened to have been it.

He was there, grinning smugly. Pleased that his 'girl' had turned up. He still had the look on his face when I came up to him and simply said,

'Hey. You're Mark, right?' He rolled his eyes.

'You know who I am, I was in your form this morning. I appeared a bit hard to miss.' He winked at me, and took my hand. 'Walk with me.'

It carried on from there. The next day he asked me out, and I had said yes.

A week from there we had made out in his back garden.

Two weeks, I had stopped talking to the rest of all my friends.

Three weeks, he revealed his addiction.

Four, I never wanted to break up with him. He was my life now, I cared about nothing else. My results fell, my parents regularly argued with me. I heard them talking about me, insulting me, when they thought I couldn't hear. So they were irrelevant now too. Not that I saw them that much, I spent most of my time out in town with Mark, getting drunk or awkwardly fumbling in dark corners of the city park.

He still took drugs, but I thought it was awesome, so grown up. He never offered me any, but I wasn't sure I wanted to take any.

When it came to it though, I didn't have a choice.

'Lucy! Hello?' I snapped back to reality, Dr. Weathers waving his hand infont of my face, trying to get my attention.

'No, I can't remember anything. Sorry. Are my parents here yet?' I didn't really hear myself, just felt the words on my tounge as they flew out of my mouth.

'Your parents aren't here yet, no. We'll tell you when they arrive though.' He replied, walking briskly out of the room.

And I was alone.

The End

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