Max appeared

            Robert was startled a large puff of sparkling smoke. Sparkly dust fell in a thick cloud, and disappeared as if melting into the surrounding. His coke, in hand, had been jostled. A translucent brown stain was now soaking into the front of his shirt.

            "Maximillion Finch, at your service," Max said as he emerged from the smoke with a bow, facing Taylor.

            Rob looked aghast, "Holy crap, man! What the heck is going on?"

            Taylor looked unfazed. He spoke calmly to the magician, "When I summon you, I don't intend for you to interrupt a conversation or, for that matter, to appear in front of an unknowing commoner!

            Maximillion remained calm, "He's seen enough. He will need titivating in the ways of magic as well."

            Rob frowned, "Titivating?"

            "To make or become smart or spruce." Mister Finch recited,  as human-dictionary. "Perhaps not a word you commoners often put to usage."

            "You mean, like, a muggle?" Rob sipped his coke.

            Taylor laughed, "I suppose. See, J.K. Rowling is one of us, y'know. She argued that publishing something close to the truth, as fiction, would mislead people."

            Rob, too, laughed. "The necklace?"

            "Oh, right!" Taylor said, turning his head towards Max.

            However, Mister Maximillion P. Finch had disappeared at the mention of the necklace. Presently, a tiny cloud of green smoke fell to the floor.

            "Arrgh!" Taylor howled, letting loose all his anger.

            Robbie frowned, pausing to let his friend calm down, "What's so dang important about that necklace, Taylor?"

            "Oh, you'll see soon enough..." Taylor grinned. "That is, provided I can outsmart Maximillion. I can't overpower him, but I can definitely outsmart him."


The End

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