Meanwhile, On The Other Side Of Town...

    "Wait a minute, Robbie, let me confirm this... you were singing outside Michelle's window?!"

    "Er... yes..." The young man grimaced, pausing to take a sip of his Coke, "I'm... not entirely sure how that happened. One minute I was talking to Michelle about her new necklace, and the next--"

    "Wait," The teenager sitting across from his got up off his seat to stare Robbie in the eye rather seriously. For a moment, Robbie thought he saw a glint in his eye. "You said she had a necklace? What did it look like?"

    "Hell, I wouldn't know..." Robbie leaned back a bit, unnerved by his friend's sudden change of behavior, "But I remember it was... shiny."

    "Shiny?" The boy sat back down again, but his gaze was still firmly trained on Robbie.

    "Er... yes. I thought I would go blind from the thing. I told Michelle that, and she just laughed, but I think I may have meant it quite literally--"

    Robbie's friend cut the idiot off yet again. "Stop blathering! Red? Was it red, maybe? Red and gold?"

    "Uh... yeah, that's it. It had red gems and a gold chain. Taylor, you're really starting to sound weird--wait, where are you going?"

    The young man had risen again, looking determined--much more so, in fact, than Robbie had ever seen him during even the toughest of exams, but then again,  Taylor did have a reputation as a slacker, so maybe that wasn't saying much. "I apologize, Robert, but it seems I should be going to meet my friend Maximillion now..."

    "Wait, Taylor, what is it? Taylor, dude--!"

The End

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