Michelle demands that he tell her how he knows about the necklace.

She was barely able to spit the words since by now she had been overwhelmed by a maelstrom of embarrassment, anger and frustration. The aural onslaught coming from outside the window didn't make matters any better.

"What is is the story with this necklace?!"  She demanded. All I simply asked for was for the love of my life to love me, not turn into a stalker Wayne Newton! By this time, it seemed that all the neighbors on the block were now amassed on the street in front of Michelle's home, staring with morbid curiosity at this man who has clearly lost control of his mental faculties. The sorcerer stood upright and Michelle got a better view of him in the dim moonlight that she had come to depend upon since star search began performing in her yard. He was around her height, a frail man who's age made him  look as if he lived through the Dark Ages. Not at all like the idealized images she had of sorcerers like Merlin from the the King Arthur tales.

As if he was able to read he thoughts, he responded, "Well who were you expecting Merlin?". He shook his head and began to explain the story behind the necklace.

The End

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