Chapter Twenty-TwoMature

'I can't do this anymore Demitri.'  I leant against the wall by Savannah's gate, trying to hold back the tears.  'Following my calling was all well and good when I was the one with the chance of being threatened but when it's my mother-'

'You can't give up on this Cassie.'  Demitri took my face in his hands, forcing me to look at him.  'If you continue to train with me then yes your mother might die.'

'Which I can't let happen-'  Demitri clamped his hand over my mouth.

'I understand that Cassie but if you don't accept you are the chosen one and have a duty to be as good a warrior as you can possibly be then the whole world could suffer.  The balance could shift too far and the world as the human race knows it will be plunged into darkness.  You have to make a hard decision Cassie and I know how much this will hurt you.  You can stop fighting, go back to the way you used to live your life and possibly save your mother.  Or you can stay strong, train to be the best you can be and defeat this thing before it destroys everything.'  Demitri's eyes pleaded with me to make the right decision and I knew which one he wanted me to choose.  But I couldn't do it.

'I'm sorry Dem.  I can't let her die, she is all I have left of my family.  I might complain about her and argue with her about every little thing but she's my mother and I love her.'  I took Demitri's hands from my face and held them.

Demitri shook his head.  'You can't do this Cassie, we're all depending on you.'

'And so is my mum.  She's waiting for me to rescue her and I can't ignore that.  I'm so sorry, you'll have to find another warrior.'  I unhooked the necklace from around my neck and put it in Demitri's hand.  I kissed his cheek and walked away.

'But there is no other warrior.  You have to die before another warrior can be selected.'  I forced myself to keep walking, to block out the sound of his voice.  He followed me, trying to give me back the necklace, grabbing my arm to get me to stop.  I shrugged him off and began to run, not listening to him as the tears began to fall.

I felt like I had been running for miles before I noticed Demitri was no longer chasing me.  My face was streaked with mascara-stained tears and my face had gone all blotchy, like it always does when I cry.  It took me a moment to work out where I was but luckily my subconscious had led me somewhere safe.

I knew it was late but Kel would take me in.  I walked down the street until I reached number 34, where I approached the front door and rang the bell.  A light went on in an upstairs window and I heard feet running down the stairs.  There was a click as the door was unlocked and pulled open to reveal a rather dishevelled looking Kel, her dressing gown pulled tightly around her.

'Cassie?'  She took in my tear stained face and shaking body, her face automatically filled with concern.  'What's happened?'

'Someone's taken her, they've taken Mum and they say they're going to kill her.'  A fresh round of sobs shook my body as Kel put her arms around me in a massive hug.  'I can't be the chosen one anymore or they'll kill her.'

'Shhh,' Kel said soothingly.  'Let's get you inside and give you some tea or something.'  Once the door was shut behind me I felt a lot safer.  Kel led me gently into the kitchen and sat me down while she messed around with the kettle, mugs, teabags and milk.  Once the tea was made she sat down next to me, her concerned face on.  'So where is Demitri?  Can't he do anything to help you?' 

I shook my head.  'We don't know who it is that's taken her.  We both thought it was Savannah at first but she says she had nothing to do with it and we don't know of anyone else who knows that much about us.'  I sniffed again and took a sip of my tea.  'I'm sorry for coming round, I just didn't want to go home.  It's scary thinking someone has been in your house and touched your things.'

'Don't worry about it Cassie.  You know I'm here for you, always.'  I smiled gratefully.  'Now I know you're in a bit of a state at the moment.'  The biggest understatement ever.  'But I can hear my parents getting agitated upstairs so do you mind if we move this up to my room.'  I shook my head and followed Kel upstairs, switching off lights as we went.

The End

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