Chapter Twenty-OneMature

Demitri had only reached the end of my street when I caught up with him.  'Dem, help!  They have her Dem.  I'm so scared, I have to stop this, I can't be the warrior because they will kill her if I keep training.'  Dem held my shoulders and made me look at him.

'Who do they have?  And  who are they?'  I tried to stop my hysterics and get control of myself.

'My mum.  They've taken her, the same guys who broke into the pub, they left a note that said the same thing as the one left there.'  Dem hugged me, stroking my hair, trying to get me to calm down.

'Show me the note.'  I wiped away an unexpected tear from my cheek.

'I left in the house.'  I led Demitri into the house and picked up the torch from where I had dropped it by the fridge.  While I was down there I picked up the note as well and handed it straight to Demitri.  His face was fixed and cold.

'These people mean business.'  I could almost hear the cogs whirring in his brain as he thought.  'And they're organised too.  How did they know to come here?'

'It couldn't have been that difficult.'  I sniffed.  'I walk home every day, all they had to do was follow me after I left school.'

'So you haven't seen anyone hanging around?  No-one acting strangely?'  His face told me to think as hard as I could.  I reached back into the deep recesses of my memory trying to think if there had been anyone.

'No I don't think so.  At least no-one I noticed, there could have been someone watching but they must have been very sneaky about it because I haven't noticed anything.'  Demitri began to pace up and down my kitchen, occasionally standing on bits of broken plate and walking into chairs and swearing when he bashed his shins.

'OK so has anyone new moved onto the street recently?'

'Well Steve was the last person to move here but that was almost six months ago.'  Demitri went back into silence, thinking about what step to take next.  After about five minutes of sitting in silence in the darkness Demitri made a decision.

'We're going to get Abril and some reinforcements.'

'Why do we need reinforcements?'  Demitri was already walking in the general direction of the front door while trying not to walk into anything.

'Because we're going to pay Savannah a little visit.'


Abril and some of her followers were only too happy to follow us to Savannah's lair.  The break in of the previous night had ensured a united front against the side of darkness and we marched towards Savannah's mansion.  The gates were shut but not locked.  They swung open and our small band walked up to the front door.

Demitri took charge, banging his fist on the door.  'Open up Savannah.  You can't hide forever and we know what you've done.'  The door swung open to reveal Savannah standing in a white nightgown her hair tousled down her back.

'What are you doing here Demitri?'  Her tone was livid.  'Some of us need to sleep, even if you don't.'

'I don't know how you have the nerve to ask me that when you know full well why we're here.  I was Cassandra's mother back now.'  Savannah looked genuinely confused.

'What have I got to do with her mother?'

'We all know it was you who broke into the pub and left that note last night,' Abril shouted.

'A note very similar to the one Cassie found pinned to her fridge when she got home tonight, requesting she give up her calling or her mother would be killed.'  Demitri held out the note to Savannah.  'Sound familiar?'  Savannah snatched the note and ran her eyes over it.

'This isn't mine,' she said simply.  'I would have loved to have been responsible for this but unfortunately I can't claim it was me.'

'But if it wasn't you then who else could it have been?'  I sounded like I was pleading with her which didn't help my case but I was desperate.

'I think that's your job.'  Savannah looked at me with daggers in her eyes.  'Now if you'll excuse me I'm going back to bed.'  The door slammed and the fight was over.  Where was I meant to look now?

The End

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