Chapter NineteenMature

I couldn't find Kel, even though I looked everywhere I could think of.  At the end of school I ran out of my final lesson faster than usual so I could be standing at the front gate before the rest of the school left.  She would have to pass me sometime.

Unfortunately for me when I reached the gates, a hand reached around the wall and dragged me out onto the street.  I would've screamed, had it not been for the familiar voice that cut through my state of panic.

'It's just me.'  Demitri turned me round so I could see his smiling face.  My heart began to stop pounding so hard.

'Thank God!  I was really scared for a moment there.'  I lifted my bag back onto its normal position on my shoulder.  'Where have you been all day?  I was starting to get worried you'd abandoned me after last night.'

'What happened last night?'  I turned to see a stern-looking Kel watching us, her arms folded across her chest and a facial expression that said I'm waiting.  I turned back to Demitri, hoping he would understand

'Dem, I need to tell her.  I'm bad at keeping secrets at the best of times, let alone one this big.'  When Demitri didn't answer I put in one final attempt to sway him.  'She's my best friend.  I can't lose her because of this.' 

He reluctantly nodded.  'But not here.'  He said, looking around.  'Let's go back to my place and we'll talk about it there.'

'Talk about what?'  Kel looked even more confused than she had earlier as Demitri led us both down the street.  We walked in silence until Demitri had unlocked his front door and led us through into a kitchen.  He immediately went over to the fridge and pulled out a bottle of milk, from which he started to drink from without pouring it into a glass.

I sat at the counter, feeling quite at home, while Kel stood awkwardly in the doorway.  'Are you going to tell me what's going on?'  I looked at Dem.

'Am I allowed to tell her or is that your job?'  I asked as he screwed the lid back on the milk.

'I've never really had this situation before.  The others didn't want to let anyone know what they were.  They said they would be looked on as freaks.'

'Well that's reassuring.'  I retorted.  'Cassandra Morton, the freak.'

'I don't care who tells me, I just need to know what is going on!'  Kel was getting frustrated by the cryptic nature of our conversation and I could understand why.  She never liked being left out.  Demitri motioned for me to go ahead and start talking.

'Look, Kel.'  I wasn't sure how to start this.  'Something big has happened.  Something bigger than you could ever imagine.'

'Well what is it?'  I pulled out the chair next to me for her to sit on.  'Is it something bad?  You know I will always be here for you, no matter what you do.'

'Of course I know that, and it's not anything bad, but that depends on the way you look at it.'  I looked over Kel's shoulder at Demitri and took a deep breath.  'I've been chosen Kel.'

'What for?'

'If you let me finish then I will tell you.'  That shut Kel up and she pressed her lips tightly together, implying she was going to stay silent.  'OK then.  There is another world that on this earth that most people know nothing about.  It's the world that keeps the balance between good and evil and stops our world from decending into chaos.  Demitri and I are part of that world.'  I wasn't explaining it very well so looked to Demitri for help.  He took another chair and moved it so he could face both of us.

'Every few decades a warrior is chosen, someone to fight for good or evil and keep the balance right.  They are usually chosen when something big is about to happen.  Cassie is the chosen warrior.'  There was silence for a moment before Kel burst into hysterics.

'You have got to be kidding me?  Cassie, a warrior?  That's probably the stupidest thing I have ever heard!'  She wiped away a tear from the corner of her eye.  'Come on what's really going on?'

'That is what's really going on,' I insisted.  I pulled the necklace out from where I had hidden it under my shirt.  'You see this necklace.  It found me and led me to Demitri, he's my trainer.'

'I'm sorry, I refuse to be reduced to the status of a mere trainer.'  Demitri crossed his arms.  'I was around millenia before you and I will still exist for thousands of years after you've gone.  Warriors may come and go but the Guide remains.'

'Sorry Mum.'  I joked.  'I'm trying to keep it simple at the moment.  Getting Kel to believe me is the priority here, not avoiding damage to your ego.'  Demitri sniffed but didn't retaliate.  I turned back to Kel.  'It's real.  I have to learn to fight and work out which side I'm going to fight for.  You have to believe me Kel, I'm not joking around here.'  Kel saw the honesty in my face and her smile began to fade.

'You really do mean it don't you.'

'Would I ever lie to you?'  I clasped Kel's hands.  'I need you to know so you can be safe.  So you know what's coming after me and how dangerous it is.'  There was another silence as the information began to sink in.


'Is that the only thing you can think of to say?'  I was a little disappointed with her reaction.  I had expected a bit more excitement from her.

'Right now, yeah that's about it.'  Kel swore again, stood up and began pacing the room.  'So who is it that's after you?'

The End

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