Chapter EighteenMature

I was shaking all the way home.  I had known what Savannah was like but wasn't prepared for the reaction I got from her.  The fire in her eyes had scared me beyond belief and every time I closed my eyes I could see the untamed anger in them staring at me.

Demitri was angry too.  He didn't say anything as he walked me home and his face was as cold as ice, fuming and in a way he looked determined.  He didn't walk me to my door as he had to previous night, but watched me as I unlocked my front door before stalking off into the darkness.

Mum yelled at me again for not telling her where I was or when I was coming home but there was no conviction behind it and I didn't have the energy to fight back.  I let her win this one and as soon as I was able to escape, crawled upstairs and hid behind my bedroom door.

My body was aching and I was sure I was going to have some bruises tomorrow.  I pulled of my school uniform and climbed into my pyjama's.  It wasn't until I was sitting in bed did I realise I didn't want to be alone.  The safety I felt when Demitri was around was gone and I felt scared, not knowing if I should be worried or not.

Eventually I slept but even in my dreams I couldn't escape my fear.  Savannah's eyes followed me as I slept and every time I tried to escape she found me.

This meant when Kel jumped me in the corridor in school the next morning, I had to try very hard to not scream.  'You alright?  You look like you've just seen a ghost?'  Kel looked like she was joking but I could feel the blood drain from my face when I felt her hands on my shoulders.

'Yeah, I'm fine.'  I tried to cover up, forcing a smile.  'Just a bit jumpy today, that's all.'  I walked off down the corridor to my lesson and Kel followed me.  There was no sign of Demitri and when lunchtime arrived and I still hadn't seen him I began to get worried.

'What is wrong with you today Cassie?  You look like your brain is on another planet.'  Kel stabbed at her food, obviously annoyed at me for not being my usual self.

'Sorry, it's just... Have you seen Demitri today?' 

Kel shook her head.  'No.  Why?  Should I have seen him?'  I shook my head non-committally and looked down into my pasta.  'You guys haven't had an argument have you?'  Her voice sounded genuinely concerned so I hastily shook my head again.

'No, nothing like that.  I'm just worried that he hasn't shown up that's all.'  Kel dropped her cutlery onto the table and forced me to look at her.

'If the two of you want to go out then you don't have to hide it from me.  I know he hasn't been around long but he seems a nice enough guy an-'  I had to stop Kel before she got too carried away.

'We are not going out.  There is not even the slightest chance that we could ever be a couple, things are just too complicated.'

'How are they complicated?'  I looked away from her and pretended to be searching the room again.  'What is it that's going on between you two that is so secret?'

'I can't tell you Kel.'  I felt tears beginning to prick at the corners of my eyes.  'I wish I could tell you but I can't, I would put you in so much danger.'  Kel rolled her eyes and picked up her tray.

'The old Cassie would have told me what was wrong.  I don't know what has happened, but the girl I have seen over the last two days isn't the Cassandra I know.'  She stood up and walked away.  'When the old Cassie is back, let me know.'  I watched her back as she left the room.

I could have kicked myself for being such an idiot and letting this... thing take over my life.  Chosen warrior or not, I still needed my best friend.

'Kel wait.'  There was no way she could've heard me but the words came out of my mouth as I left my tray behind and ran after her. 

Just as I left the dining hall I ran straight into someone.  Mumbling an apology I tried to get past them but a hand gripped the top of my arm.  I turned to see who it was and saw George staring back at me.

'Let me go George, there is somewhere I need to be.'  I tried to pull my arm away but his grip held firm.

'How's your new boyfriend?  Didn't exactly take you long to move on did it.'  He looked down on me, like I was a piece of dirt, relishing the opportunity to humiliate me in front of his mates.

'Don't stick your nose in where it's not wanted.  What I do is not yor business.'

'Well, your boyfriend isn't around to save you now Cassie.  You should know I don't like being made a joke of, so it's time for a little payback.'  One of George's mates cautiously stepped forward.

'You're not going to hit her?'  George didn't take his eyes off me as he answered.

'Not that hard.'

'You can't hit a girl!  It's just not right.'  The guy stepped back, not wanting to interfere but not wanting to take part in what was about to happen.  Suddenly I heard Demitri's voice in my head.  Following what he had told me last night, I subtly shifted my position so my feet were a shoulder-width apart and I was ready to take a blow.

'Then go if you don't like it.  Nothing you can say is going to stop me.'  He pushed me backwards so I was flat against the wall.  My fighting stance wouldn't do me any good here.  'Now, where were we last time before we were so rudely interupted?'  He raised his fist to hit me and my reflexes kicked in.

One hand went up to block his blow, the other formed a fist and hit him hard in the stomach, making him stagger backwards.  He tried to hit me again but I blocked him and brought my knee up sharply between his legs.  I could hear an intake of breath from the crowd that had gathered as George slipped to the floor.

'I don't need Demitri to defend me, thank you, I can look after myself.'  I knelt down and whispered in George's ear.  'Don't come near me again.  I don't want to see you, I don't want to speak to you.  Is that understood?'  George nodded his head and I stood up.  'I'm glad we agree on that.'  I walked away, people moved out of my way as I made my way through the gathering. 

I hadn't felt so good in ages.  A smile spread across my face as I went off to find Kel.

The End

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