Chapter SeventeenMature

Demitri and I walked over to where Savannah had re-positioned herself on the couch and stood by her side.  'Well...'  She said sharply.  'Get on with it then Demitri.'  Dem's face was as cold as ice as he turned to me.

'Cassie, may I introduce Savannah, leader of the side of darkness.'

'I wish you wouldn't call us that Demitri, it makes us sound like we're evil.'  Savannah pulled a face, trying to look like she was sad but it was obviously fake.

'I wouldn't argue with that.'  I muttered, stupidly thinking that no-one would hear me, but an elbow in the side from Dem told me I hadn't been quiet enough.  Savannah sat up and looked me right in the face, her eyes smouldering with anger.

'What did you say?'  She hissed as she advanced towards me.

'Nothing Savannah.  What would I have been saying?'  I began backing up as Savannah got uncomfortably close.

'I don't know, that's why I need you to tell me.'  Demitri stood in between me and Savannah, trying to stop someone from getting hurt.  Before he could say anything to calm Savannah down she hadput her hand on his chest and he was flying across the room.  He hit the floor a few feet away with a cracking sound that silenced the whole room.  I tried to run to him but Savannah was fast on her feet and blocked my path.

'Dem are you OK?'  I could see him trying to get up.  He looked stiff but relatively unharmed.  My fear came flooding back when I felt Savannah's hand on my throat, pushing me backwards until I hit a wall.  Her face was up close to mine and I could feel her breath on my face.  I didn't see anyway of getting out of this one in one piece.

'Your friend can't save you now.  He knows he holds no power here, so why he tried to defend you I have no idea.  Now tell me, what did you say, little girl?'  I swallowed and tried to think of something good to say.

'I was just saying how lovely you looked in that dress.'  I smiled nervously, hoping she would buy it.  Tonight wasn't going to be my lucky night.

'You liar!'  She banged me against the wall and I felt a wave of pain shoot through my body and I had to bite my tounge to stop myself from shouting.  'What did you say?'

'Let her go Savannah.'  Demitri's voice was clear and commanding as he pointed a gun at the back of her head.  'You know the rules.  You kill her and you will be in serious trouble from someone more powerful than all of us put together.'  Savannah maintained her vice-like grip on my neck.  'Let her go.'  Sighing in exhasperation Savannah let go of my neck and I fell to the floor choking.

'You've been lucky so far little girl, lut's hope your boyfriend is always around to help you.'  She straightened her dress and smoothed her hair back from her face.  'Now get out.'

Demitri took my hand and helped me to my feet.  Supporting me by putting his arm around my waist, he led me through the mass of onlookers and towards the exit. 

The End

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