Chapter ThirteenMature

Although Demitri didn't seem to have any lessons with me, he always managed to appear as soon as I left my classroom and walked me to my next lesson.  Between them Kel and Demitri manage to tease me all through lunch and laugh at me inbetween lessons.  It was starting to get annoying.

'Can you two please stop it!'  She said at the end of the day, as we were heading down the front steps of school.

'Sorry Cassie.'  Kel said.  'We were just having a laugh.'

'Well, I don't find it very funny.'  I stalked off towards the gates.  I heard Demitri asying he would sort it out and come running after me.  'I bet you're loving this aren't you.  You get to be all important and just jump in and take over my life.'

'I am not trying to take over Cassie.'

'OK so beating up my boyfriend when I was perfectly capable of handling myself, forcing me into a job I didn't even knew existed and then joking with my best friend, making a total fool out of me isn't trying to take over my life.'

'OK firstly, you were not handling that situation, he was about to thump you.  Secondly, I was just trying to fit in by joking around with Kel.  You and I are going to spend the rest of your life together and if Kel is your best friend then I'd rather I got on with her. 

'And as to the other point.  Do you think I chose my path? I have watched everyone I care about grow old and die when I don't age and I can't die.  Believe me I've tried.'  Demitri looked like he was about to cry and I reached out to touch him but he stepped back.  'I know this is scary and you don't know what to do but it gets easier and before long you forget that you didn't know this secret world existed.  At least you get your reward by being able to die.'  Having finished his speech he walked away, out of the school gates.

'Demitri wait!'  I ran after him.  He didn't look at me as I caught up with him and walked at his side.  'I'm sorry, I wasn't thinking.  It's just, you seem normal and happy, I never thought about what it must be like for you.  To have lived that long, it must hurt to see so many people die.'

'It does.  Having lived through two world wars and thousands of other conflicts, you start to wonder if it's worth it.'

'And is it?'

'I haven't decided yet, but if I do then I'll let you know.'  Suddenly he was back to his usual self and he wrapped one arm around me giving me a squeeze.  'Now I want to get you started on your training this afternoon.'

'I thought you said we were going to see Savannah this afternoon.'

'We are but that's not until later, you have a good two and a half hours in which to start your training.'  I groaned inwardly but said nothing.

'What am I starting with then?'

'I thought we'd try a bit of karate to start with.  It's one of my favourite hand-to-hand fighting styles and very useful I find.'

'OK then.'  I felt slightly bewildered by the prospect of having to do actual exercise.  'But I'll warn you now, I am not sporty.  There isn't a competetive bone in my body.'

'Do you like winning an argument with your mother?'  I considered, then nodded.  'Well then you must be slightly competetive.  If you don't consider yourself sporty, well, then you'll just have to work harder you get you up to scratch.'  This time I groaned outwardly and Demitri laughed.  'Cheer up!  If you build up your muscles now then you'll find sword-fighting so much easier.'

The End

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