Chapter TwelveMature

School seemed deadly dull and I was concentrating less than usual.  History in particular seemed to slower than ever and I switched off after about five minutes of Miss Jones wittering on and on about something.  Instead my mind went to thoughts of the new world I had found, to Abril and the abandoned pub, to Savannah and the threat she was to me and to Demitri.

He was the one that confused me most of all.  I couldn't work him out.  One minute he was a normal human being, joking like we'd known each other for years, the next he'd turn on me, lecturing me about my duty and the structure of the world.  I wasn't even sure he was human.  How can a human live for thousands of years?  He must have seen so much.

'Miss Morton.  Could you tell us the answer?'  I sat up in my chair, suddenly focusing on the lesson.

'Um... no?'  Miss Jones sighed.

'I know you make it perfectly obvious you have no interest in my subject Cassandra, but it would be nice of you payed attention every once in a while.  Kelly, could you tell me the name of the leader of the Whig party when the 1832 Reform Act was passed?'

'Earl Grey miss.'  Miss Jones smiled at Kel.

'Very good Miss Archer.  It's nice to see someone is learning something.'  That last bit was directed at me, and I pulled a face at Miss Jones as she turned to face the board.  Despite this I payed attention for the rest of the lesson and took down notes.

'What's up with you today?'  Kel asked later as we were packing up so we could leave for lunch.

'Nothing.'  I lied, not knowing if I could tell her about what had really happened to me last night.  'Just had a bad night's sleep, that's all.'

'You always were a terrible liar.  Come on, what happened?'  We walked out of the classroom and into the corridor.

'I happened.'  Demitri had appeared again at my shoulder and put his arm around my shoulder.

'Would you stop doing that!  It's really annoying.'  I moaned as Kel looked inquisitively at Demitri.

'You know that's why I do it.'  Demitri grinned then leaned over to offer his hand to Kel.  'I'm Demitri by the way.'  Kel's face lit up.

'Nice to meet you Demitri, I'm Kel, Cassie's best friend.'  Demitri looked annoyingly charming as he shook Kel's hand.  'So what happened last night?'  I glared at Kel, my eyes telling her to stay out of it but she ignored me.

'Nothing much.  We bumped into each other on the way home and got talking.'  He leaned in and whispered, 'I don't think Mrs Morton was too happy about it.'  Kel laughed.

'So is that why I got an angry call from your mother last night asking where you were?'  I nodded.  'Well at least he'll be better for you than George.'

'OK.'  I stopped to face Kel.  'Two things.  One, I thought you were pro-George and two, Demitri and I are not an item.'  Kel gave me one of her knowing smiles.

'Well one, I change my mind about somebody if I want to and two, I never said anything about you two being an item.'  I kicked myself as Demitri and Kel laughed at my face turning bright red.

'I'm going to lunch.'  I stormed off down the corridor, a black cloud over my head.

'Hang on Cassie wait for us.'  Kel and Demitri followed still laughing.

The End

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