Chapter ElevenMature

I lay awake in bed for hours that night but when I heard Mum coming up the stairs I closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep.  I couldn't face her.  Not while my head was still spinning.  Everything I had been told went round and round my head.  My instincts were screaming at me.  This can't be real.

When I finally got some sleep and woke up the next morning, feeling tired and still confused about what I should believe.

I didn't see Mum when I went downstairs for breakfast and I couldn't hear her moving around upstairs.  I wondered if she was still in bed but didn't think to check at her door.

I left for school, carefully shutting the door behind me after making sure my key was in my bag.  I made it to the end of the road and saw my bus driving away from me.  I ran after it waving at the driver to stop.  Needless to say it didn't work and my run slowed to a walk.

'Great!'  I said to myself.  'Now I'm going to be late.'

'Well, that'll make a change.'  Demitri appeared out of nowhere and stood directly behind me, making me jump.

'Shit!  Don't do that, you'll kill me.'

'Well I think we're going to have to work on your awareness if you didn't hear me coming.'  He took my bag from my shoulder and walked in the direction of school.  'You coming?'  Sighing I followed him as he shouldered my bag.

'Am I allowed that back?'  I tried to grab my bag back but he held it out of my reach.

'Umm no.'

'Ummm why?'  Demitri smiled to himself in a way I couldn't understand.

'Because I know it will annoy you and you look really funny when you get cross.'

'Have you finished insulting me for today?'  Demitri laughed as I folded my arms and looked at him in an unamused manner.

'Probably not but we have a lot to do today.'  I groaned.  'It's your duty to do this and I would be failing on my job if I didn't show you the ropes.'

'You know what, I don't think I believe you.  I think this is just some elaborate scam to make me look like a total idiot.'  I said this jokingly but Demitri took it very seriously.

'If you think this whole thing is one big joke then you're not going to last very long.  Anyway you're meeting Savannah tonight so we need you to be wary.'  I almost choked.

'You mean the blonde nutter who almost killed me last night?'

'Yes.  Which is why you need to be on your guard.  Savannh seems to have taken a disliking to you so she may try something else.'

'Excuse me, can you make this a bit clearer.'  I stood in front of Demitri, blocking his path so he couldn't escape.  'You are taking me to see a crazy psycopathic woman who almost tried to kill me and you say she might dislike me!'

'I'll be with you so you should be safe.'  Demitri sounded so calm about all of this, but I suppose he had done this before.

'One more question.  Why?  Why put me in mortal danger if my existence is so important?'

'Well you asked me two questions there so which one would you like me to answer?'  I gave him a whack round the head with the flat of my hand.  'Ow!'

'That's for being such a smarty pants and now you can answer the question.'  Demitri smiled and motioned for us to keep walking.

'So you met Abril last night.  Now she is the unofficial 'leader' of the good side if you like.  Savannah is her equivalent on the bad side.'

'So it's heros and villians.'

'In its simplest form, yes.  But actually the way I described it is highly simplistic.  There is actually a very complex web-'

'I don't want to know.'  I put my fingers in my ears so I didn't hear any more.

'OK I'm shutting up.  You won't hear another word from me, for a while at least.  But you can't hide from it Cassie.  There are things you have to know and the way the two sides are structured happens to be one of them.'

'Just not now.  I'm already,' I checked my watch, 'five minutes late and I'm not even half the way to school yet.'

'Then we'll have to run.'  I thought he was joking but Demitri grabbed my hand and pulled me into a run along the pavement.  'Call it preparation for your training.'  He laughed as I tried to keep up with him as he sprinted towards school.

The End

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