Chapter TenMature

'You know you didn't have to come with me y'know.'  Demitri and I were walking alongside each other down my street.

'Well, seeing as you nearly got yourself killed earlier I think you may need some protection.'  Although Demitri laughed the incident off, it was starting to hit me just how serious this was.  I had nearly died, been told I was a chosen warrior and been introduced to a supernatural world all in one day.  Why was I so calm?!  As if he had just read my mind Demitri answered my question.  'That would be Abril.  She uses her magic to calm people down when we tell them about our world.  It makes the conversation a lot easier.

'Oh, OK.'  There it was, why wasn't I questioning him?  'Oh shit!'  I saw my house, light streaming out from the open door, my mother sillouetted in the doorframe.  She wasn't going to be happy.  'You don't have to come any further, my house is just here.'  I pointed to the open door.

'I said I'd walk you home and that's what I will do.'  On his head be it.  I reluctantly walked towards the front door, knowing there was going to be a shouting match this evening.  I just hoped the neighbours weren't going to be listening too closely.

 'You are in so much trouble young lady!  Where the hell have you been?  And don't give me this I was with a friend nonsense because you weren't with George and you weren't with Kel, I checked.  Well, I'm waiting.  What amazing new story have you come up with this time?'

'I'm very sorry for keeping your daughter out late Mrs Morton.  It's my fault really, I asked her for some help with my work and we lost track of time.'  I was shocked that Demitri was trying to dig me out of my problem, but the excuse he gave showed how little he knew me.

'Oh right.'  Mum looked at me disbelievingly.  'Work.  So what's your name then?'  Her eyes were carefully scanning Demitri, looking for something to fault no doubt.

'I am Demitri Erikson, madam.'  Madam!  He was really laying it on thick!  'I am new to the area and only joined Cassie's class a few days ago.  She's been very helpful in showing me the ropes.'  Mum snorted.  She didn't believe I had a side that would want to help people.

'Well it's been lovely meeting you Demitri but I have to have a word with my daughter now.'  She took my arm and pulled me inside.

'Of course.'  Demitri turned to walk away looking over his shoulder.  'Same time tomorrow?'

Before Mum could say no I jumped in with, 'yes, I'll see you after school.'  The door slammed.

'Helping with schoolwork?  You might have chosen a more believable lie this time Cassandra.'  She walked through into the kitchen and sat at the table, her head resting on her hands.  'I've reached the end of my tether with you Cassandra.'  This wasn't like our usual arguments.  There was no shouting or objects flying through the air.  What was wrong?  'I can't stop you from seeing George, even if you insist on using this other guy as a pretence.  I just don't have the energy anymore.'  She looked up at me and there were tears in her eyes.  'Just go Cassie.  I need some time to think.'

I slowly crept out the room and upstairs, shutting my bedroom door silently behind me.  Something wasn't right with my mother but I wasn't going to ask her what it was now.  I felt too tired and my mind was spinning with everything I had been told.  Abril's magic must have started to wear off because I started to question myself.  Why had I so readily believed two total strangers?  If it had been magic that had helped me accept what they told me as truth then some of the story must be real.  But somewhere deep inside I had known this moment would come, known about my destiny.

I took out the necklace, holding it in the palm of my hand.  How strange that something so small and insignificant could hold so much power.  I had so much power.

I thought about it as I got into bed.  I had been swept up in this magical world but now I couldn't stop it, I had to give in and let myself be submerged or I wouldn't survive.  Somewhere deep inside I knew it would kill me.

The End

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